Social Media

Social Media is fast becoming one of the leading ways in which businesses communicate with their customers. With hundreds of millions of people using social networking sites every day they are an essential way of reaching existing and potential customers who are interested in your brand, business or service

Social Media Sites

There are a large number of social media websites and each one has their own niche. SEO Web Marketing aims to be expert in whichever of these your business needs. The greatest strength of Social Media as a marketing tool is the way that social media sites encourage interaction between users. People can talk to you, or to one another about your product and the discussion can be joined by anyone. With the right management your Social Media presence can help you increase the number of potential customers for your business whilst simultaneously enabling your existing ones to identify more clearly with your business and your brand. For specific information on what social media management by SEO Web Marketing can do for your business visit our dedicated pages for Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media websites.


This online service for photo and video sharing has become an extremely popular social media platform in recent times. Instagram allows users to take pictures and videos, apply a digital filter then share them on other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The most identifiable feature is that all photos are restricted to being square like Polaroid photos, rather than the 16:9 aspect ratio used by mobile devices.


One of the most recent social media sites to launch is Pinterest which allows people to create and browse through pinboards containing images and videos, creating well organised collections of visual media. Users can then re-pin images they find to their own pinboards.


Flickr is essentially a photo and video hosting website, a place where people can upload, store and organise their images and videos in an efficient and effective way. Flickr allows people the facility to then publish them in many ways such as by embedding them into websites and blogs. It has also become an popular online community, allowing people to also share their photos and videos with people as they wish to, both privately and publicly.


Vimeo is a videocentric social networking site that allows users to upload and share their own video content online, communicate and interact with each other. The Vimeo site was created by a group of film makers and as the online community using Vimeo has grown, so has the fun and friendly environment that the site is based on.


As the latest social media site to explode in popularity, the power of Twitter can’t be underestimated. By encouraging frequent interaction between users and only allowing a limited number of characters per ‘tweet’ Twitter is unique as the world’s largest ‘micro-blogging’ site.


Facebook is the most widely used of all the social media sites with over 800 million active users. On some days it even registers more visits than Google. The power of Facebook as a marketing tool cannot be underestimated.


With over 50 million users LinkedIn is the world’s third biggest social network after Facebook and Twitter. It is predominantly focused on providing a space for professionals to interact on the web and since its creation in 2003 the site has grown impressively. SEO Web Marketing can guide you through the process of creating an account for your business on LinkedIn as well as provide insight into how best to use the site as part of your social media strategy.

Google +

One of the newest social media sites is Google’s own entry into the already crowded marketplace. Aimed at challenging the dominance of Facebook in the social media sphere Google+ has a wealth of new and exciting features that appeal to both business and private users. SEO Web Marketing can help you to establish your own presence on Google Plus, understand the benefits of Google Plus Marketing for your business and will help you develop your presence as the site itself evolves.


The video sharing social network, YouTube, has become a search engine in itself with people often referring to it as a source of information. The site allows billions of users to upload their videos and share them with other users around the world and has become a place for people to connect and inspire others. As a tool for business it has become more and more popular with businesses tapping in to the marketing opportunities that it allows for.


Myspace was one of the first social networks to develop in popularity over the last 10 years. It’s functionality has developed over the years using the popularity of music which has been fundamental in its success. Myspace allows users to share content and connect with other users as with other Social Media platforms.


One of the first social networking sites to launch, Bebo overtook Myspace at the height of its popularity to be the most widely used site on the UK. The site is currently being re-developed after being bought back by its original owners who are aiming to bring Bebo back to it’s original mojo with a fun and creative personality.