Google Plus Marketing: Reasons Your Business Should be on Google Plus

Google Plus Marketing

Despite being the second biggest social media network currently in existence, Google Plus is perhaps the least understood. Unfortunately, a staggering number of people have either never heard of it, or are unsure of how the platform can benefit their business and are losing out on Google Plus Marketing.

Currently, Google Plus is arguably the most important social media network for both businesses and marketers. Therefore your business should embrace Google Plus if you haven’t already. Beneath are a collection of key reasons which explain why your business should harness the marketing and SEO potential provided by Google Plus.

+1: popularity ranking for SEO

When you create a Google Plus page, users are able to +1 your page. This is extremely similar to the like feature for pages on Facebook. However, Google uses the number of +1s your page has as a way of gauging the popularity of your business. Therefore +1s are an extremely important ranking signal.

Easy integration: the platform makes it easy to share content across all Google products

Google Plus neatly integrates all other Google products. This feature makes it incredibly easy to share and manage content across all Google products. These products include: Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Chrome and also Google Play. This feature helps users to make their activities on the platform more efficient.

Google Authorship: a powerful SEO tool

Google Plus Marketing Google Authorship Google Plus is an integral part of Google Authorship, which is increasing being used as a ranking symbol on the search engine. Authorship enables you to link your content throughout the internet, which informs Google what content you have created an also that you have created it. Therefore the more high quality content you produce, and the more it is shared across the internet, the more positively Google will view your website and rank you accordingly, all of which helps you increase your Author Rank.

Google Plus Circles: an ideal vehicle for targeting your message

Circles enable users to group followers according to a specific criterion. This feature enables you to target content specifically to groups where it is more likely to appeal. Circles are an excellent tool to help you to streamline your message.

Communities: an excellent tool for relationship management, lead nurturing and developing authority

Google Plus Communities enable users to engage in focused groups comprised of both users and businesses around a specific subject or interest. Taking part in existing communities is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and gain direct feedback from customers. However, creating your own Community enables you to create a group which is closely aligned to your brands values. This helps to establish you as a subject authority, spread brand awareness and increase trust towards your business.

Google Plus Marketing HangoutsHangouts: a great venue to build awareness and gain feedback

Creating Hangouts enables you to hold intimate question and answer sessions with your following. This is essentially a giant chat room which you control. This feature enables multiple people to participate and is an excellent way of gaining feedback on your brand and products.

Insights: statistics which show how successful your strategy is

Insights are a recent addition to Google Plus. The feature enables users to see key statistics from their Google Dashboard. These stats include: how many views your business listing has received, how many times you’ve been viewed in local search and how many people are engaging with you. This is an excellent tool which enables users to clearly see how successful their efforts on the platform have been.

Events: these are easy to set up, share and promote on Google Plus

The Google Plus Events feature is similar to the Facebook Events feature. The main difference is that Google Plus Events allow for greater levels of interaction. Users of Google Calendar or Gmail are easily able to add an event onto their calendars. Also, invitations for your event will be automatically sent out to whoever you select, including groups and individuals. The Events feature is an excellent way of promoting upcoming events which your business may have.

Business Pages Google Plus Marketing Business Pages: makes your business or company more accessible online

The Business Page on Google Plus is similar to the Facebook equivalent. Similar to Facebook, in order to set up a Business Page on Google Plus you will need to have Google Plus membership in order to set one up. A Business page is another page which enables your company to be indexed by search engines. The Business Page also presents a showcase for your business. The feature enables you to make regular updates, whilst also being able to link your business page to any content you have made. These can be done easily using the rel= “publisher” code.

Google Places: increased visibility on local searches

Google Places are separate business listing pages. These are ideal for local businesses, as they enable you to display key information. The information which your business can display via Places includes: reviews, photos, opening times and contact information. In addition, your business location will also appear on a fully integrated Google map. Again this option provides another page which can be indexed, helping to increase both visibility and awareness surrounding your brand.