20 September 2017

The Outreach Survival Tool Kit

Outreach in content marketing is essentially the process of building real relationships, offering value to one another through forms of content and authoritative material that will go on to benefit both parties.

Relationships take time to develop, as does mastering the art of producing high, quality content. The two go hand in hand though – poor content often means you’ll mix with low authority acquaintances and struggle to form deep and meaningful relationships beyond parties seeking quick wins. On the flip side, producing authoritative and engaging content will allow you to outreach to a more esteemed crowd, and by the fact it is such great content will mean that these relationships will built on strong, promising foundations.

Outreach Survival Tool Kit

So you’re producing great contact, all you need now is the outreach survival tool kit to help scale up operations and allow you to efficiently get on with finding and managing your outreach targets.

Buzzstream – This fantastic tool is vital to help manage large scale outreach projects. It really takes the pain away from using endless spreadsheets. It’s essentially a CMS for outreach, whereby you can send your content to influencers and see all conversation history, notes, tweets, recent posts, social details, and more. Track and manage any placements you earn and set up reporting with team functions.

Followerwonk – Integrated into the Moz suits of tools if wanted, Followerwonk “helps you explore and grow your social graph.” It’s a Twitter based tool that allows you to quickly understand who you can follow and build relationships with in your given field. With information on social authority rankings, analytics on follows and followers, loss and gains and optimal times to tweet, this smart software is a vital tool in my outreach survival kit

Buzzsumo – This tool comes into it’s own when you areat the stage of thinking about content for your outreach. You can quickly see which content is performing well and importantly who are the people creating these content pieces. You’ll want download a CSV of their names and import it into Buzzstream for contacting once your content is ready.

InkyBee – Great for finding bloggers and blogs on any given subject. You can now find bloggers who are already following you on Twitter, which is a real time saver

SEMRush – Lastly you need a tool that allows you to identify and react to opportunities quickly through trusted data. Understanding which outreach targets have strong domain authorities is a vital consideration when approaching someone with your content. It’s important to have a crystal-clear insight into what is working and what is not for your content strategy so that you can adjust your outreach goals as and when. SEMRush provides you with reporting on organic, paid, backlinks, keyword research, domain comparison and much, much more.

This completes the outreach survival tool kit. Use of these tools in conjunction with authoritative content will help you perform an efficient, well managed and successful outreach campaign.