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Search Engine Optimisation: What’s It All About?

It doesn’t matter how great your business idea is if nobody can find your website. Here at SEO Web Marketing we make sure your website doesn’t just offer great content for your reader, but something that is also easily understood by search engines as well.

Being on the first page of search engine results is hugely important for anyone looking to attract new clients, and it takes commitment and hard work to get there. We’re not focused simply on getting there – we want to keep you there! This is why our Google Expert strives to ensure a sustainable strategy that suits your business and delivers the results you want. We know it’s not just about keywords or stunts to attract attention. We’ll analyse your website and work out the best long term solutions to make sure your page lives up to its real potential and is not just another fish in the sea.

Each webmaster, each business owner and each company has different expectations when it comes to what a successful website should do. We know that not every site is the same and that every pool of potential customers may be looking for a distinctive experience. Our Google Expert works with every individual client to tailor tried and tested methods to their needs. We know what search engines want and need in order to find your site and rank it high, but we’re also interested in what you want for your site.

SEO Web Marketing is here to help you achieve your goals quicker and with less hassle. Running a business is a complex operation with many things to worry about – don’t let Search Engine Optimisation be another one of those things. Our methods ensure that your online marketing strategy is up to scratch and delivers great results in good time. We listen to our clients and apply their needs and wants in a practical way, so you have a load taken off your shoulders and can see to other important issues.

At SEO Web Marketing we have over 15 years experience optimising websites for search engines. In that time we’ve seen it all. Whether your clients use Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, we’ve watched these search engines grow and develop and we know how their algorithms work. We’ve been there to see all SEO strategies rise and fall, adapt and develop. Our Google Expert knows what search engines are looking for and how different algorithms think – we know how to gear your page to get positive results.

SEO Web Marketing staff also keep in mind your customers’ expectations when compiling an internet marketing strategy. Nobody wants to be constantly bombarded with irrelevant, unwanted emails or messages. We know the balance between things that interest your customers and things the search engine crawlers are looking for, and tweak the formula on a case by case basis. Ask us about our Google Consultancy services to find out more.

Our expert staff have experience working on a variety of websites and are adaptable, quick thinking and committed. We know that building a successful web strategy that delivers results in the long term is no walk in the park and sometimes requires putting in long hours. We also know that every business person is working very hard and should have their work advertised as well as possible – which is why we want to see you succeed. Check out our client portfolio for a list of websites we’ve worked on and to see what we can do.

It turns out that keeping your head down and working hard doesn’t really cut it any more in this connected world. Simply doing a good job isn’t enough, and every business person needs to promote themselves and their services or products. Become the voice people hear in the crowd by optimising your website for search engines. Help your customers find you by helping Google, Bing or Yahoo! index your website and rank it higher.

Why is this important? For two main reasons. First of all, very few people even bother looking past the first page of search results when searching for something online. If you’re featured anywhere past the second page, you’ll lose most of your potential future clients. At SEO Web Marketing we want to get your content the attention it deserves and to get your clients straight to you without even glancing at the competition.

Secondly, search engine crawlers don’t think the same as your customers. However, they are trying. Algorithms now calculate how relevant and reliable a webpage is, they no longer rely solely on keywords. We’ve been here long enough to see the strategies change. We’ve seen updates follow other updates making certain aggressive tactics obsolete. We’ve seen Google declare war on keyword stuffing and link buying, and we know that while stunts may get you attention in the short term, they might cause more damage in the long run.

Search engines now blacklist websites who are not playing by the rules. Using bad SEO tactics is dangerous but sometimes it’s easy to fall into such traps, especially when juggling ten other tasks necessary to the day to day running of a business. Online marketing is an important part of ensuring your success, which is why it shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Having a Google Expert assess your website and set realistic targets towards improvement and realising your full potential is the best way of giving your business a real chance at success. Your competition will not take SEO lightly, so why would you?

Get in touch for a full analysis of your current strategy and to draw up a plan that will make your voice the loudest and your message the strongest out there. We’ve got three main SEO packages tailored to the size of your business that are guaranteed to get you where you want to be, as well as bespoke SEO services where we can tailor the services we provide to meet your targets and goals.

What about social media networks, we hear you say? Worry not, we’ve got your back! Our web marketing experts have a strong footing on all social networks and know the best ways to promote your product or service on each one of them. We know the demographics of every social media site, and the preferred methods of interaction and activity on each platform. At SEO Web Marketing we delight in getting to know all the features of every site and figuring out how to make them work in our favour – and especially in your favour. We know every possible way to advertise on Facebook, or how to grab people’s attention on Pinterest. We know how to get people to like and reblog your content on Tumblr, or how to retweet and favourite your messages on Twitter.

We know why social bookmarking is important. People no longer underline something in the paper to go back to later, and they no longer dog-ear books. They use social bookmarking websites or browser extensions to save pages they love online, or to find new ones. For example, StumbleUpon is a project that helps people discover interesting webpages they’ve never seen before. How many potential customers could be looking for something just like your website? We can get them to you.

We can also make them stay with you. We know why everything is social these days, and our staff are keen to make sure you do as well. Building a successful brand is not just about having a good logo, a good website and a good product. You need the hype, the loyal customers and community support. Where else can someone get all of these things if not on social media? From viral videos to long, thoughtful blog posts, we know what each segment of the market wants and how to get your potential customers to engage with you.

We also understand that this takes time, passion and a desire to give the best quality of service to everyone. Simply smashing out a blog post on the keyboard will not entice anyone to comment or offer you their opinion. Carefully putting together a well structured, relevant article on a subject closely related to your work area will encourage people to come back and check for more.

Here at SEO Web Marketing it’s not just about getting people to pay attention to you. We want them to become loyal customers, and to stay with you for years to come. Social media is not just about sharing something with the world – it’s also about getting your clients to share back. It’s about building relationships, trust and friendship – and all of this is crucial to building a great brand.

We achieve all this by getting your content to the right audience, by identifying which social networks best suit your business, and by building a community with each page. No two social media sites are exactly the same, and content should be tailored to its respective audience. Get in touch to find out where you should be flogging the goods and how you should be doing it – we’ll make sure you reap the rewards.

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