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Social Media Fiascos: Seven Of Best Of The Worst

Social Media Fiascos Due to the excellent abilities to interact on a personal level, social media has been adopted by many businesses and companies throughout the world. However these campaigns can occasionally backfire. When this occurs the backlash for these companies is both painful and public. Collected beneath are a […]

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Smashing Pumpkins Social Media: A Successful Visual Campaign

Smashing Pumpkins Social Media Recently the world famous band, The Smashing Pumpkins decided to connect with their cyber fans through a visually based social media marketing campaign. The Smashing Pumpkins social media campaign aimed to draw fans in by directly asking them questions about the songs the band was set […]

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Facebook Lessons From McDonald’s

Facebook Lessons From McDonald’s In 2012 McDonald’s launched a Facebook based social media campaign, which clearly demonstrated that it was possible to generate a huge return on investment through a series of quick serves. Through the Facebook based campaign the global fast food franchise gained an increase in both sales […]

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