How to Make Your YouTube Channel Succeed

Making your YouTube channel appealing to visitors is essential. However, page view and click statistics do not completely indicate whether your video marketing campaign is succeeding in its goals. Despite this, they do show how many people are viewing and interacting with your message. The role of a film editor is more than just creating […]

How Social Media Affected The Arab Spring

A study conducted in 2011 quantified the effect which social media had on the Arab Spring. Whilst the revolution may no longer be televised there is an extremely high chance that it will be tweeted. Furthermore it is equally likely that it will blogged about, texted and according to the results of this survey even […]

Top 25 Social Media Stats 2013

Top 25 Social Media Stats 2013

As social media grows, and its usage continues to increase at a huge rate, it is probable that it will reach a point where it is deeply saturated within both our culture and our conscience. Some would argue that this has already largely been accomplished, however the scope of that discussions spans beyond the limitations […]

10 Top YouTube Channels to Subscribe To

10 Top YouTube Channels to Subscribe To

YouTube is immensely popular. The website provides a seemingly inexhaustible number of videos on with a diverse range of subjects to please all tastes. Due to this a number of YouTube channels have emerged providing regular content which appeal to their specific audience. Some of these channels, however, are more popular than others. Beneath is […]

Youtube Vs Vimeo: Which is best for Video Marketing?

This article aims to compare the pros and cons of YouTube and Vimeo as mediums to broadcast your videos. Video marketing forms an integral part of any SEO project. It is an excellent way for businesses and companies to promote their content, increase interest in their brand, whilst also increasing the amount of traffic to their […]

Google Plus Hangout: Google Plus Hangout Capture App

Google Plus Hangout Capture App In early 2013 Google announced they would be introducing a “capture” app for the Google Plus Hangout platform. The application would allow users to record and save their hangouts, allowing them to relive the hangout at a later date. A spokesman for Google: Jeremy Ng, recently commented in a post […]

Top Ten Viral YouTube Videos of 2012

Top Ten Viral YouTube Videos of 2012

In 2012 the viral video came into its own, it seemed that each day there was a new “must watch” video to see. Many of these videos, which were hilarious in the morning, were old hat by the close of the day. This knowledge merely testifies to the strength and unique nature of the few […]

Obamas Social Media Campaigns: Comparison between 2008 and 2012

Obamas Social Media Campaigns Obama in his 2008 electoral campaign was commended for his masterly utilisation of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. He even going as far as setting up his very own social media site in the form of: What was most remarkable about Obamas social media campaigns was […]

YouTube Marketing – Broadcast your Business with YouTube

YouTube Marketing In just a few years (believe it or not it was only launched in February 2005 in the US and June 2007 in the UK), it has become the largest video sharing site in the world and a massive part of contemporary culture. This article looks at business and YouTube marketing. Given it’s […]