25 September 2013

Top 25 Social Media Stats 2013

Social Media Stats

As social media grows, and its usage continues to increase at a huge rate, it is probable that it will reach a point where it is deeply saturated within both our culture and our conscience. Some would argue that this has already largely been accomplished, however the scope of that discussions spans beyond the limitations of this blog. Beneath are the top 25 social media stats.

Top 25 Social Media Stats:

  1. There are more devices attached to the internet than there are people on the planet.
  2. 91% of all adult users of social media platforms and sites use them regularly.
  3. 54% of active social media accounts globally, follow at least one brand.
  4. 70% of adult social media users globally, shop online.
  5. 9 out of 10 searches conducted on a mobile device lead to action, with over half leading to direct purchase.
  6. 93% of all adult internet users in America have an active Facebook account.
  7. 61% of global internet users make use of the internet when researching a product.
  8. 67% of Twitter’s American following were found to be more likely to purchase a product from a brand which they were following on the platform.
  9. A global phenomenon has emerged, whereby watching videos online has become as common as watching television with online consumers.
  10. It has been found that companies who blog regularly have 555 more website visitors than their non blogging contemporaries.
  11. 77% of all BC2 companies online have acquired customers directly from Facebook.
  12. It has been estimated that by the year 2016, more than half of all the dollars spent in US retail will be directly influenced by the internet and social media.
  13. Recent studies have shown that 83% of people who complained via twitter were pleased with the response they received from the companies which made the effort to respond directly.
  14. Increasingly it has been found that social media users who received excellent customer service from brands spent on average 21% more than non-social media customers.
  15. 83% of people were found to believe that they were more likely to make new friends on Twitter and Facebook.
  16. 24% of American social media users and 28% of their European counterparts admitted to either lying or exaggerating via a social media network either about famous people they had met or their personal achievements.
  17. It was found that 24% of social media users missed important events in their lives because they were too busy trying to post about them.
  18. Internet users have been found on average to spend 22.5% of all their online time on social media platforms.
  19. 35% of all consumer based comments on brand, company or business Facebook pages are compliments.
  20. The use of social media in America has increase by a staggering 356% since 2006.
  21. The average American internet user spends over three times as much time on social media and blogs as on emails.
  22. 25% of social media users believe that social media has helped to increase both their confidence and self-esteem.
  23. Each minute of each day an astounding 100,000 tweets are sent.
  24. There are over 152 million individual blog pages on the internet.
  25. YouTube users collectively watch over 3 billion hours of videos per month.