30 July 2013

Youtube Vs Vimeo: Which is best for Video Marketing?

This article aims to compare the pros and cons of YouTube and Vimeo as mediums to broadcast your videos. Video marketing forms an integral part of any SEO project. It is an excellent way for businesses and companies to promote their content, increase interest in their brand, whilst also increasing the amount of traffic to their site page. Due to these factors, it is important that your company uses a video platform which best meets your requirements. Below you will find the pros and cons for the two video platforms:


Vimeo Pros:

  • VimeoPro members of the platform gain access to advanced video statistics.
  • If your videos are optimised correctly they will rank well on Google.
  • A Pro account enables you to add branding to your videos.
  • The platforms membership is continually growing; thus increasing the potential audience for your content.

Vimeo Cons:

  • As there are fewer users on the platform, less people are likely to watch your video than on YouTube.
  • The platform has slow upload times and only allows one HD upload per week; unless you are a Pro member.
  • Vimeo as a platform does not like commercial content, unless you are a relatively small production company. Otherwise you must subscribe to a pro account.
  • You are unable to track the number of video viewings due to the lack of analytics.
  • Unless you have a Pro account there is a limit to the amount of content you can post.


YouTube Pros:

  • YouTubeThe platform provides free hosting options and enables all users to upload videos, again free of charge.
  • YouTube provides the opportunity for commercial content and advertisements.
  • In order to upload videos, users do not need to have any coding or embedding skills.
  • Videos on YouTube are far more likely to receive Google rankings.
  • YouTube provides an opportunity to earn funds through advertisement by signing up to a Partner Program.
  • The video platform works as a search engine. This essentially means that customers and viewers looking for related content and videos can find your videos and websites indirectly.
  • You are provided with a wide variety of analytics and statistics for all your videos and content.
  • There are literally millions of users of the platform. This provides a massive audience for your videos and exposure for your brand.
  • The site delivers fast delivery and quick playback with state of the art video services.

YouTube Cons:

  • Due to the direct competition, in the form of millions of videos, your message can easily get lost.
  • The YouTube player is branded and you cannot change this.
  • There is a limited selection of templates to choose from when uploading your videos.
  • YouTube is a very advert heavy video platform. Adverts are placed on and around the majority of the videos on the platform. This causes a lot of disturbance to the actual viewing of videos.
  • The majority of video uploads are limited to fifteen minutes.
  • The inclusion of the related videos feature means you can lose traffic competitors.