6 Facebook Page Features For Small Businesses

Facebook has long been the cornerstone of many businesses social media marketing strategy. Whilst many page managers are able to competently navigate and make use of their Facebook Page features, there may be a number of the platform’s features which they are not taking full advantage of. To allow small businesses to take full advantage of […]

Facebook: New Advertising Opportunities

Facebook now offers marketers two advertising opportunities, to help them increase their reach to a larger audience. The two Facebook advertising options are video ads and job targeting ads. Advertising on Facebook is nothing new. Currently a large number of businesses, both big and small, invest in Facebook advertising as part of their activities on […]

Facebook Ad Sets: Additions To Facebook Ads Structure

Facebook Ad Sets Prior to the recent changes, the Facebook Ads structure offered users a simple two level structure, Campaign and Ads. The Campaign option was used to set up the start and end dates for an Ad Campaign, in addition to the daily and overall budget of the campaign. The Ads option provided users […]

Facebook Ads: A Complete Glossary Of Terms And Features

Glossary Of Facebook Ads Facebook advertising is an extremely powerful tool, it can also be complicated. Due to the numerous terms and features which are included it can be difficult to learn how to take full advantage of the Facebook ads service. Due to this a glossary of terms and features has been provided beneath, […]

Facebook Changes It’s User Interface

Facebook Changes It’s User Interface In March 2014 Facebook announced their intention to unroll a major redesign to their social media platform’s homepage and Newsfeed. The platform released a “revised” version of their Newsfeed in 2013, which according to an article written during March 2014 by MarketingLand was well received. So well received that the […]

Successful Facebook Posts: The Secrets To Posting

Successful Facebook Posts When it comes to Facebook posts it is not a matter of quantity, in some cases quantity, whether it is too much or too little can actually be negative. Successful Facebook posts can be quantified in two ways, is the post being interacted with and are users actually seeing the post? In […]

Facebook Insights: A Complete Glossary Of Terms

Facebook Insights Glossary Due to the scope of terms associated with Facebook Insights, it is easy to confuse these terms, both in terms of what they mean and the function they perform. Unfortunately, Facebook is not particularly forthcoming in providing a description of the Facebook Insights terms. Due to this the following glossary has been […]

New Facebook Facts: Pew Research on the Platform

New Facebook Facts The world’s most popular social media network, Facebook, celebrated its tenth birthday on February 4th 2014. The social media platform is used by 57% of all Americans over 18. In addition, according to statistics from Pew Research, the number of user’s who access the platform on a daily basis has increased since […]

Facebook Donate Button: Introduce The “Donate Now” Button

Facebook Donate Button On December 16th 2013, Facebook released the “Donate Now” button. The Facebook Donate Button aims to make it far easier for non-profit organisations and charities to receive donations through the social media platform. Despite the Facebook Donate Button’s overtly charitable objectives, sceptics are worried about the covert undertones. The scepticism stems from […]

Facebook Plans: What’s Happening In 2014?

Facebook Plans In 2014 Facebook celebrates its tenth birthday so in this article we explore possible Facebook Plans. During its first decade of operation, Facebook has gained over one billion users globally, hosted a presidential town hall, and was the central topic of a film, in addition to connecting users to one another across the […]