2 April 2014

Successful Facebook Posts: The Secrets To Posting

Successful Facebook Posts

Successful Facebook Posts

When it comes to Facebook posts it is not a matter of quantity, in some cases quantity, whether it is too much or too little can actually be negative. Successful Facebook posts can be quantified in two ways, is the post being interacted with and are users actually seeing the post? In addition, not all posts are measured equally by Facebook. The social media platform’s EdgeRank algorithm system gives some statuses a greater level of precedence than others. To demonstrate, plain text statuses and updates have the least weight. From a Facebook marketing perspective, this is a potential missed opportunity and should be avoided.

However there are a number of alternative options in order to give posts a greater weighting. These include putting images or videos in posts. Alternatively, posting polls or questions can be equally effective. Essentially, when it comes to posting on Facebook it is important to increase the likes, comments and shares a post receives in order to ensure that the post appears on the optimum number of Newsfeeds.

Collected beneath are a number of “secrets” to help increase the level of engagement a Page receives on their posts. These include:

Successful Facebook Posts: Ask a question in a status update

This method will increase the level of fan feedback and also the exposure a post receives. However it is important to ensure that the right questions are asked. When it comes to questions, those which require brief answers usually perform well.  Questions which require a yes or no answer, or those which ask users to fill in the blank work well. Posting questions which require a long response will not perform as well, as the majority of users will simply move on.

Successful Facebook Posts: Place images in statuses and posts

The optimum picture size is 404×404 pixels. Including a link will drive traffic back to an online destination of your choosing. Alternatively, caption contests, such as name the band, are great ways of increasing engagement.

Successful Facebook Posts: Post milestones

When doing this it is important to ensure that these milestones will appeal to your following. It may take a process of trial and error to determine the milestones which create the highest levels of engagement with your audience.

Successful Facebook Posts: Ensure all posts are relevant to your audience

Whether it is a picture, video or content, relevancy is everything when it comes to increasing levels of interaction. A good means of providing relevant content is to provide information which is closely linked to your products or services.

Successful Facebook Posts: Find out what engages your audience

In order to obtain the highest levels of engagement you need to learn what makes your audience tick. This can be achieved through a series of relevant and fun Polls. Facebook Polls can be set up quickly and are easy to use, they are also an excellent means of creating engagement. The information which has been accumulated during these Polls can be used to shape future marketing campaigns.

Top tips to create successful Facebook posts:

  • When posting updates try to limit them to between 100 and 180 characters.
  • Include an image or picture which is both relevant and engaging in posts.
  • To enable a user to take quick action on an update include a relevant hyperlink.
  • Include a call to action in the update, this can be done by asking for likes, comments or shares.
  • Ensure that all comments on updates are answered quickly and relevant feedback is provided.
  • Try to ensure that updates are posted during two times, either at 8:00am or between 6:00pm and 9:00pm. As these are the periods when your target audience has the greatest amount of free time.