15 December 2016

6 Facebook Page Features For Small Businesses

Facebook has long been the cornerstone of many businesses social media marketing strategy. Whilst many page managers are able to competently navigate and make use of their Facebook Page features, there may be a number of the platform’s features which they are not taking full advantage of. To allow small businesses to take full advantage of their brand’s Facebook Page, collected below are a list of the platform’s lesser known features.

Post Embedding

Facebook Page Embed PostThis feature enables users to include Facebook posts in their blog. Embedding a post is simple, hover on the selected post and then click on the grey drop down arrow which is situated in the top right hand corner of the post. From this menu select the “Embed Post” option, copy the embed code, which is provided and then post it into the website’s source code. This means that users are able to interact, share and comment on the post as well as the associated Page without having to access Facebook.

Pages to Watch

The Pages to Watch feature provides brands with the ability to see how their Page ranks against their competitors. The feature compares the weekly growth of five competitors’ likes before comparing them against the performance of the user’s brand. In order to add Pages to Watch simply click on the Admin Panel, go to Overview, scroll down and you’ll see the “Pages to Watch” section, select the “Add Pages” button.

Page Manager App

Facebook Pages AppManaging a brand’s Facebook Page from a mobile device can be a taxing exercise. The Facebook Page Manager App enables users to:

  • View latest page insights.
  • Schedule future posts.
  • Post updates, photos and respond to comments on the page.

The Facebook Manager App can be obtained from both the App Store and Google Play.

Schedule Posts

Instead of using third party programs like HootSuite and Buffer, Facebook provides users with the ability to schedule posts directly through a brand’s Page. In order to schedule posts, click on the drop down menu next to the “Publish” button and select “Schedule” then select the date and time that you want your post to be published.

Star Ratings

Social media sites have become the go to source for online ratings of businesses, restaurants, services and products. Due to this, sites like Yelp and Trip Adviser have become exceptionally popular, with many people seeking online reviews prior to the purchase of a new product or service. Due to this it is important for a small business’ Facebook Page to act as an online ambassador. This can be done through the Star Rating system.

When Your Followers Are Online

Facebook Pages When Your Fans Are OnlineEven with the greatest content ever written, failure to promote at the optimum time means the impact of this content is weakened. Prior to the introduction of the “When Your Fans Are Online” feature brands had to make use of third party programs such as Likealyzer, in order to gauge the optimum time to post content. The Facebook feature informs brands of the optimum day and time to post content in order to reach the greatest portion of their following. To utilise the “When Your Fans Are Online” feature, click on the “Page Insights” feature and then click on the “posts” tab.