3 January 2014

Social Media Facts 2013: What’s Been Going On?

Social Media Facts 2013

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In the beginning many were dismissive of social media, seeing it as the online playground of teenagers. This trend was marked by the overwhelming number of teenagers who made up the virtual population of MySpace. Facebook changed everything. With Facebook the demographic shifted quickly from teenagers to college students. Twitter appeared and confused people at first. People were puzzled by the challenge of expressing themselves in a mere 140 characters.

Surprisingly the advent of social media occurred only a short time ago, in 2008. It seems like a lifetime has passed since this point. Social media has become the cornerstone of modern communication and platforms have cropped up catering for specific areas such as photo sharing and business networking. 2013 witnessed Facebook paying a phenomenal $1 billion in order to make their photo based platform Pinterest a public company. In addition Facebook now connects one in two people globally to an ever increasing social network. This year Twitter also announced that it would become a public company.

Due to the huge numbers of individuals using social media platforms, it presents an excellent realm for brands to advertise and market directly to their target audience. However recently social media marketing is moving away from its financially free roots to more financially driven methods in order to reach a substantial number of people in your target audience. 2013 was an exciting year for social media, however as a famous American statesman said “Let’s look at the record.” So here is our top Social Media Facts 2013 list.

Social Media Facts 2013 at a glance:

  • In 2013 the fastest growing age group demographic on Twitter was users aged 55-64 years old.
  • The most discussed Pinterest topic of 2013 was “food” comprising 57% of all conversation.
  • On average the +1 button is used over 5 million times every day.
  • 2013 witnessed the active membership of Google Plus reach 343 million.
  • Over 16 billion individual images have been uploaded to Instagram.
  • Each month YouTube welcomes 1 billion authentic visitors to the video sharing platform.
  • LinkedIn now has over 3 million registered company pages.
  • 67% of all of Google Plus’s active users are male.
  • Facebook now has over 10 million “apps” to entertain its users.
  • Over 60% of Twitter’s users access the platform from their mobile devices.

Social Media Facts 2013 Broken Down Into Individual Platforms:

Social Media Facts 2013 Facebook:

  • Facebook boasts the largest membership of any social media platform. Currently the platforms membership stands at 1.15 billion users.
  • 23% of Facebook users check their account more than five times each day.
  • A total of 250 billion individual photos are uploaded onto Facebook every day.
  • 74% of web marketers view Facebook as a pivotal tool in their lead generation activities.
  • Approximately 751 million individuals access Facebook using over 7000 different mobile devices.
  • 75% of all possible engagement occurs on a post within 5 hours of the content being shared on the platform.

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Social Media Facts 2013 Pinterest:

  • The rapidly growing platform has over 70 million users.
  • Pinterest is a women’s platform. 69% of the total users are female!
  • The most popular brand on Pinterest is “Nordstorm”, who have over 4.4 million followers.
  • 80% of all the pins on Pinterest are actually repins.
  • Only 6% of all of Pinterest’s users have linked their account with their Facebook account.

Social Media Facts 2013 Google Plus:

  • Currently the platform has over 500 million individual members.
  • Of these members over 343 million are active users.
  • 80% of Google Plus’s users log in at least once a week, 60% log into their account every day.
  • The most engaging post type on the platform are animated GIFs.

Social Media Facts 2013 Twitter:

  • The platform now has over 500 million individual active users.
  • It has been found that 28% of all retweets on the platform are in response to “please RT!”
  • Research conducted into the platforms users has revealed that approximately 20 million accounts are in fact fake.
  • The average number of tweets per account stands at 208.
  • Each day sees an average of over 400 million individual tweets being sent each day.
  • Every month 288 million users are active on Twitter.

Social Media Facts 2013 Instagram:

  • The platform boasts a membership of over 130 million users.
  • The average number of pictures per profile on the platform is 40.
  • Each second approximately 8000 individuals will like a photo on the platform.
  • Each second, an average of 1000 individual comments are made by users on Instagram.
  • The most followed brand on the platform is “MTV” with a total following exceeding 1.2 million users.
  • Each day the platform sees approximately 5 million new images being uploaded.

Social Media Facts 2013 LinkedIn:

  • The total membership of LinkedIn currently stands at over 238 million individual users.
  • Of these users, 27% access their account through their mobile phones.
  • LinkedIn offers its users over 1.5 million groups to join.
  • 81% of the platforms users belong to at least one group.
  • The platform is home to over 3 million LinkedIn Company Pages.

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