successful social media campaigns

Nike Social Media: Nike’s Exceptional Social Media Campaigns

Nike Social Media Campaigns Nike is an excellent example of a company who has successfully increased their brand exposure through a number of highly effective social media campaigns. Collected beneath are a number of these Nike social media examples, some of which tie into the brand’s huge #makeitcount initiative and their Nike+ network. However other […]

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Social Media Fiascos: Seven Of Best Of The Worst

Social Media Fiascos Due to the excellent abilities to interact on a personal level, social media has been adopted by many businesses and companies throughout the world. However these campaigns can occasionally backfire. When this occurs the backlash for these companies is both painful and public. Collected beneath are a selection of some of the […]

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Old Spice Social Media: Lessons From Their 2010 Social Media Campaign

Old Spice Social Media In 2010, Old Spice launched one of the most memorable and subsequently successful social media based creative marketing campaigns the internet had ever seen. The endurance and longevity of the Old Spice campaign can be attributed to the fact the brand reiterated their message through a number of offline and online […]

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Social Media Tips: Get The Most Out Of The Platforms

Social Media Tips When shaping successful social media campaigns, it can be hard for small businesses. Often the problem lies in attempting to best engage with an audience through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Collected beneath are a selection of tried and tested social media tips for small businesses to employ to […]

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Oreo Social Media: Their Marketing Secrets

Oreo Social Media The Oreo marketing team is forever working industriously to create a hype for their black and white cookies. Social media is their chosen vehicle for these efforts. The techniques deployed by the Oreo social media marketing team whilst highly innovative and effective, are not in of themselves difficult to replicate. Due to […]

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Three Excellent Examples Of Brands Successfully Engaging With Social Media

The overwhelming majority of brands who make use of social media wish to extend their following. Whether this be through Facebook “likes” or Twitter followers, companies are increasingly looking to improve their cyber reach through social media. This is because social media platforms provide brands with an excellent forum whereby they are able to engage […]

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The Impact of Social Media on Film and TV Reviews

Increasingly in recent years, television shows and films are finding it increasingly difficult to muster the continued interest and positive reviews that enable their success. Due to the word of mouth nature on which social media platforms operate, twinned with the average user having direct access to over one hundred other people, bad reviews can spread […]

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