8 February 2014

Three Excellent Examples Of Brands Successfully Engaging With Social Media

The overwhelming majority of brands who make use of social media wish to extend their following. Whether this be through Facebook “likes” or Twitter followers, companies are increasingly looking to improve their cyber reach through social media. This is because social media platforms provide brands with an excellent forum whereby they are able to engage directly with customers and potential prospects, whilst also providing information and details regarding their products and services.

Brands Successfully Engaging Social MediaWhen brands make use of social media they are primarily doing it as a marketer. Due to the real time nature of interaction it is important for brands to remember this and act accordingly. In order to be successful in their marketing efforts a brand needs to attract new fans and followers to their page. This can be done through providing engaging, stimulating or even hilarious content. However attracting new followers in itself is not enough as a marketer. Marketers should aim to attract new followers and fans who are likely to be genuinely interested in the brands products, services and ethics. In addition, marketers should aim to attract new fans and followers who will actively engage with the brand on a chosen platform.

Due to these factors, using social media as a marketing tool for a brand or business is harder than it at first appears. Collected beneath are three examples of brands which have created fun and unique ways to reach their fans and increase their following.

Orange: Tweet Voiceover

Brands Engaging Social MediaThe mobile phone service provider, Orange gave their followers tweet based summer plans an epic voiceover. In order to qualify for the service, users of the platform were required to include the hashtag #thissummer, along with their plans in a tweet. Following this Orange captured the tweet and gave it the blockbuster voiceover effect. The voiceovers were captured on the Orange blog, this was a clever ploy to increase traffic to the company’s home page. The genius of the campaign was that it not only encouraged numerous individuals to interact with the brand, but it was also novel, shareable and above all fun! The campaign was accompanied by a demonstrative video which can be viewed by clicking here.

Previously obscure artist boosts following by vowing to sketch every new Twitter follower

The artist @GregBurney pledged to sketch each of the first 3000 followers he received on Twitter. At the time of the campaigns beginning Greg had a meagre following of just 70. However by the end of the campaigns opening day he had already received over 2000 followers. The campaign was so successful because it created excellent interaction with his following whilst also providing Greg with an opportunity to showcase his talent. Due to the campaigns success Greg received a huge increase in his following over an incredibly short period of time and potentially some of these new followers later became interested in his artwork.

The Growing Coupon: Healthy Choice

Facebook Campaign Brands on Social MediaPrior to the campaign Healthy Choice was looking for a vehicle to expand their Facebook following, whilst also increasing the level of interaction and consolidate the brand’s image. A quick demographic survey revealed to Healthy Choice that the majority of its fans were both technologically competent and motivated by coupons. Due to this revelation, the brand launched a progressive coupon on their Facebook page. The value of the coupon began at a modest $0.75, however as people liked the brands page and signed up for the coupon the value increased. At its peak the value of the coupon became a “buy one get one free” reward. Over a matter of a couple of weeks the brands fan count mushroomed from just under 6000 to in excess of 70,000. In addition, 60% of Healthy choice’s new fans also subscribed to the brands newsletter.