Social Media

How Recruiters Use Social Media

It is common knowledge that recruiters use social media as a tool to assess potential candidate’s suitability and eligibility. However what may be surprising is the sheer volume of recruiters who are now making use of social media as part of the recruitment process. What may be more surprising is […]

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10 Top YouTube Channels to Subscribe To

YouTube Channel

YouTube is immensely popular. The website provides a seemingly inexhaustible number of videos on with a diverse range of subjects to please all tastes. Due to this a number of YouTube channels have emerged providing regular content which appeal to their specific audience. Some of these channels, however, are more […]

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Using Social Media for Employment: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Using Social Media for Employment Social media continues year on year to grow and to expand. In this article we look at using social media for employment purposes. Each year new social media platforms emerge, exploring different avenues, allowing their users to express every aspect of their lives. Due to […]

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Social Media Criticism and How to Deal with it Effectively

Dealing with Social Media Criticism There is nothing new in people criticising brands publically. For some companies it can be a baptism of fire, heralding the company’s graduation into the public sphere. What is perhaps new is that the internet and social media provide a public and global platform from […]

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Social Media Revolution or The “Arab Spring”

Social Media Revolution It was in 2011 the social media platforms influenced The Arab Spring. Political scientists and experts are now asking what extent social media actually played in the revolutions. In 2011 revolution began in Tunisia and spread across the region felling dictatorships. Setting aside the question of the […]

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