Twitter Lead Generation Cards: Connecting Offline

Twitter Lead Generation Cards During May 2013 Twitter launched “Lead Generation Cards”, a sleek feature which is designed to enable advertisers and promoters to find and engage with potential clients and customers offline. Initially, the Twitter Lead Generation Cards were only available to a limited number of the social media platform’s users. After testing was […]

Oreo Social Media: Their Marketing Secrets

Oreo Social Media The Oreo marketing team is forever working industriously to create a hype for their black and white cookies. Social media is their chosen vehicle for these efforts. The techniques deployed by the Oreo social media marketing team whilst highly innovative and effective, are not in of themselves difficult to replicate. Due to […]

Twitter Business Tips: Get More Value Out Of Twitter

Twitter Business Tips Twitter is currently one of the most used social media platforms globally. Due to this, a number of businesses have set up accounts on the social media network as a marketing tool. Utilising the platform and our Twitter Business Tips will provide businesses with an excellent means to increase brand awareness and […]

New Business Twitter Account: Getting Started

New Business Twitter Account Like the majority of things associated with business, getting started is often the hardest milestone to overcome. This also applies to your Twitter account. In order to help you set up a Twitter account, and begin achieving your social media goals, here is a ten step guide to setting up a […]

Twitter Hashtag: The 101 Beginners Guide

Twitter Hashtag The hashtag provides companies with a fantastic avenue to breach the void between online and offline marketing. However a basic understanding of what a hashtag is, and how to utilise them effectively is required. In Twitter’s opinion, a hashtag is used to mark specific keywords or topics in a tweet format. Humble as […]

Customer Service on Twitter: In 140 Characters Or Less

Customer Service on Twitter As a social media platform Twitter has forged a reputation for being at the forefront of social customer service. This can be attributed to two main factors. Firstly the real-time nature of interactions on the platform. Secondly it is because Twitter has become one of the main forums where brands which […]

Funny Social Media Brands That You Just Can’t Help But Follow

Funny Social Media Brands A whole thesis could be written about the various factors which contribute to whether a brand is “followable” or not. Which raises the question why do people choose to like brand pages on Facebook or follow companies on Twitter? On the one hand it could be because they provide you with […]