10 March 2014

Twitter Lead Generation Cards: Connecting Offline

Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Twitter Lead Generation Cards

During May 2013 Twitter launched “Lead Generation Cards”, a sleek feature which is designed to enable advertisers and promoters to find and engage with potential clients and customers offline. Initially, the Twitter Lead Generation Cards were only available to a limited number of the social media platform’s users. After testing was concluded, the Twitter Lead Generation Cards were made available to all advertisers, including small and medium sized businesses, during August 2013.

Lead Generation Cards make it easy for consumers to demonstrate an interest in a brand and their products and services. These Twitter Lead Generation Cards enable users to share their email with a business in a secure format, without having to leave Twitter, or fill in a questionnaire. When a promotional tweet is expanded, the interested party is granted access to a description of the offer, in addition to a call to action which invites the user to send their basic information to the business or promoter. In order to submit their email address, Twitter username and name, all a user has to do is press “Submit” on the card.

One of the earliest companies to utilise the Twitter Lead Generation Cards was the outdoor gear and clothing company Rock/Creek. The company utilised the Twitter Lead Generation Cards in conjunction with a Promoted Tweet campaign. This was done in order to obtain the email address of users who wished to join a competition to win a free pair of sandals. The Rock/Creek campaign was successful, the brand saw 4.6% increase in levels of engagement and obtained over 1700 new email addresses in the space of less than a week. The success of the Rock/Creek campaign can be attributed to the brands ability to directly target specific interests and user’s Twitter handles. This methodology ensured that the campaign reached the users who were most likely to be interested in the competition.

Since the initial launch of Twitter Lead Generation Cards, the platform has made a number of changes to the features. Under these changes the feature’s basic setup has become much more streamlined, the whole process can be completed in a matter of minutes. In addition, under the changes, users are now able to directly download their leads from Twitter Ads into a CSV spreadsheet. Users are able to arrange their incoming leads so they are directly uploaded into the users’ CRM system.

Additional features included in the changes include, the ability to view important metrics, which enable users to more effectively optimise their card designs. One these important metrics is the cost per lead by card. Users are easily able to view these metrics through their reports for each of their Promoted Posts campaigns. Twitter Lead Generation Cards can be easily used by advertisers and promoters who have a global audience. This is because Lead Generation Cards are available in all of the languages which are supported by Twitter Ads.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards can be made easily and effectively by following the instructions below.

  • Register your business with a Twitter Ad account.
  • Set up a CRM end point integration. This is so that all of the leads generation through the cards can be kept track of through CRM.
  • Create a Lead Generation Card through the Twitter Advertising interface. Once logged in, the Lead Generation Card option can be found by clicking on “Advertising” in the top left hand corner of the screen.
  • Click on “Create New Card”, here you will be asked to enter the following information, a card image, a description of your offer and a call to action.
  • Following this ,Twitter will ask you to enter a number of URLs. This is so that Twitter knows where to send the users who engage with the Lead Generation Cards.