31 January 2014

Twitter Business Tips: Get More Value Out Of Twitter

Twitter Business Tips

Twitter Business Tips

Twitter is currently one of the most used social media platforms globally. Due to this, a number of businesses have set up accounts on the social media network as a marketing tool. Utilising the platform and our Twitter Business Tips will provide businesses with an excellent means to increase brand awareness and also to attract new clients and customers. The majority of businesses do not gain their real potential from their Twitter presence. This can be attributed to a wide variety of reasons. However, this article aims to provide practical Twitter Business Tips and Tricks to enable companies to gain more out of their Twitter account.

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  • Monitor and thank people who interact with your content

How you communicate with someone who is considering buying your products or using your services is different to how you interact with a random member of the public. Therefore you should focus on building a rapport and strengthening relationships with opportunities is one of the first Twitter Business Tips we can give you. This can easily be done by paying attention to them and being gracious. When people respond, interact or retweet, you should also respond. Thank the person in question, ask them what they gained. It is also a good idea to then share their tweet with your followers. Being polite is one of the best Twitter Business Tips we can give you!

In order to gain access to people already interested in your brand, you should import them. This can be done quickly. Simply add your opportunities list to a Twitter List on the platform. From here you should endeavour to keep a close eye on them and interact with them regularly.

  • Add a social media username to forms you distribute

Gaining accurate Twitter information about leads and contacts enables you to interact with these contacts on the social media platform.  This can be done simply by including a new field on the forms on your website.

  • Keep an eye on customers who tweet either “help” or “support”

On social media, customer support is an important factor which shapes how your company is perceived. If a customer is struggling with your product, it presents the opportunity to either win their support or to alienate them completely. We suggest you take the first option. This can be done by directly interacting with users who ask for help or support with your products on the platform. This can be done by adding a specific Keyword Filter. For example you may want to include when customers use keywords such as “help” or “support” and also the names of your products. This enables you to help such people.

  • Send welcoming tweets to customers who have recently started using your product or services

Many businesses believe that marketing ends once a company has purchased a product or a service. This simply isn’t true which we hope our Twitter Business Tips will highlight. It is important to nurture your customers in order to retain their custom on a long term basis. An excellent way to begin that relationship is to personally thank them for their custom with a friendly tweet. This can be done by assigning a sales representative or account manager. As part of their role they would send each client or customer a tweet thanking them on behalf of your business for their custom.

  • Connect to users in a key geographic location

This advice in our list of Twitter Businesses Tips is aimed at small businesses concentrating on a localised area. By their very nature, local businesses are dependent largely on business within their locality. So it therefore makes sense for these businesses to attempt to connect with users within their geographic locality. Twitter tracks its users’ geographic location, if the option is enabled, which helps you understand where the people you are interacting with are located. While you are monitoring your interactions, you should focus on those interactions which occurred from users within your locality.

  • Follow people who have viewed your product or pricing pages

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep track of people who have taken certain actions on your website? Perhaps you have a collection of leads that are interested in your product but are yet to commit to a purchase. Social media, especially Twitter, provides an excellent format where you can give them a little nudge or answer any questions they may have.

  • Collect positive tweets about your company, products and services and use them as a testimonial

What other people say about you and your products has a far greater bearing than what you may say about them. Due to this, you should ensure that you are on the lookout for the content which mentions your products and services in a positive light. Ensure you then favourite the most positive of these comments. From here, you can then use them on a dedicated testimonial page on your home site. This is one of the fewer Twitter Business Tips known about so get tweeting, connecting and engaging to make real connection in life and in business.

  • Keep an eye on leads who mention a customer’s name

Finally one of our last but not least Twitter Business Tips is use it as a tool to ignite your competitive streak. You should also ensure you use it as a tool to keep track of leads which you may otherwise lose. If you know which of your leads are interacting with your competitors online, you can then modify your own strategy accordingly. Ensure that you use this information constructively and to your advantage.

A member of your team can set up a Twitter stream using a third party tool such as HootSuite or TweetDeck. This can then be used to monitor mentions of competitor’s names. From here you should establish a set plan to monitor their Twitter based leads on your account. Simply add a social filter which focuses on references to leading competitors and key topics which could be used in a competitive competition.

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