21 November 2013

Funny Social Media Brands That You Just Can’t Help But Follow

Funny Social Media Brands

funny social media brands

A whole thesis could be written about the various factors which contribute to whether a brand is “followable” or not. Which raises the question why do people choose to like brand pages on Facebook or follow companies on Twitter? On the one hand it could be because they provide you with a stream of interesting yet informative content. On the other it could be due to the fact that following a brand provides you with access to a myriad of offers, promotions and giveaways. Alternatively it could be as simple as the fact that some brands make you laugh.

Ultimately the best brands should aim to provide a combination of all of these factors. However reports have shown that a surprising number of users follow brands for their entertainment value. From a marketing perspective this funny social media brands trend is nothing short of genius. If you amuse or otherwise entertain members of your following they are far more likely to interact with your content or share it among their own social network. When users share a brands content among their own network they are often inadvertently expanding the same brands online reach. Collected beneath is a selection of funny social media brands who entertain.

Taco Bell

This brand has forged a reputation for utilising effective humour as part of its advertising and marketing. It should surprise few that their social media pages are no different. Taco Bell’s Facebook and Twitter pages are sure to raise a smile. The brand utilises witty one liners and clever images are used to good effect. Taco Bell’s wit comes into its own when the brand responds directly to criticism from other brands in the list. The Old Spice Twitter handle sent Taco Bell the following tweet, “why is it that “fire sauce” isn’t made with any real fire? Seems like false advertising.” To which the Taco Bell handle replied “is your deodorant really made with old spices?”

funny social media brands taco bell old spice

Old Spice

This companies social media activities are not limited to picking fights with other brands. The company also produces a large amount of content which is extremely funny. The company’s description on Twitter and Facebook are testimony to this. The company’s Twitter description reads, “drop kicking dirt and odour, doing a clothesline on them and then slamming them with a folding chair.” The Facebook description is as follows, “Old Spice has 74 years of experience helping guys improve their man smells with deodorant, body wash, anti-perspirant and fragrances.”

Kraft Mac And Cheese

Funny social media brands Kraft Mac And Cheese

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The Kraft Macaroni And Cheese social media presence comprises largely of pieces of macaroni taking part in a number of hobbies and activities. These activities include diving, painting and playing tennis. For the products 75th anniversary Kraft alleged gave two 80 year old women total control of their social media accounts. The social media campaign made use of the hashtag #OldBirdsNewTweets, under the hashtag followers were able to watch the women learn about memes, internet slang and new technologies.


The Intel official Twitter account clearly demonstrates that humour is not strictly the playground of consumer brands. Not all of this companies outputs are sidesplittingly funny, despite this the profile demonstrates how a little humour can pull a large following. One of their witty posts includes, “If you know what HSDPA means without Wikipedia, then we may have a job for you!”


funny social media brands odeo and elvis

The popular biscuit’s Facebook page regularly posts images depicting humorous spins on current events. For example the company’s Facebook page played tribute to National Bowling Day by showing an Oreo biscuit aimed at glasses of milk positioned like bowling pins. The witty caption read, “At least we don’t have to wear special shoes when we dunk.” For Elvis week the page featured an Oreo shaped to resemble Elvis Presley. The caption read, “Ladies and gentlemen…Elvis Presley has dunked the Oreo!”


The sense of humour which this sweet brand delivers through their social media platforms is an unsubtle blend of all that is silly and ridiculous. However this approach works for Skittles bringing them a large and well engaged following. An example from their Twitter feed is, “I didn’t choose the rainbow life – the rainbow life chose me.”

NASA’s Mars Curiosity

Funny social media brands Nasas Curiosity Rover Twitter

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This is the official account of the lunar rover. The accounts are run by NASA and feature witty and intelligent updates in the first person from the Mars rover itself. These first person accounts deliver humorous insights into popular culture and music through a bold voice.

Pop Chips

The Pop Chips Facebook account is a seemingly endless barrage of witty content and humorous photos so had to make it into our collection of funny social media brands. Gags from the account include, “weekend’s here, time to get chip faced.” The comment appeared with a picture showing a man pouring Pop Chips into his mouth straight from the bag.