Google Plus Hangout: Google Plus Hangout Capture App

Google Plus Hangout Capture App In early 2013 Google announced they would be introducing a “capture” app for the Google Plus Hangout platform. The application would allow users to record and save their hangouts, allowing them to relive the hangout at a later date. A spokesman for Google: Jeremy Ng, recently commented in a post […]

Facebook Censorship: Facebook Loses its Head over Gory Videos

Facebook Censorship Social media giant Facebook recently found itself mired in a swamp of controversy of its own making after a couple of gory videos were published on its social media platform network. This has led to Facebook censorship on certain subject matters. The two videos showed people being beheaded, apparently in Mexico. In the […]

Top Ten Tweets 2012: Twitter Tweeting News

Top Ten Tweets 2012 10. Twitter reports the death of Whitney Houston: Unfortunately the death of Whitney Houston made the list for the top ten tweets 2012. Twenty minutes before the world press released the tragic news of Whitney Houston’s death. It was Twitter which heralded the tragic news. The tweet read as follows, posted […]

Influential Tweeters to Follow on Twitter: The Top Five

Follow Us: Five Most Influential Tweeters Twitter as a social media platform is unique, in that it allows users to express themselves in only 140 characters at a time. Support for the platform has grown in leaps and bounds, with politicians and celebrities joining the site. They have found the platform useful as it allows […]

Facebook Likes: What Your Facebook Likes Say About You

Your Facebook Likes We share an enormous amount of our lives on the social media platform. Not merely in what we post but also in which Facebook pages we like. These Facebook likes can be used by employers and friends alike to build an accurate portrait of us as individuals. A recent survey has gone […]

Twitter – Don’t be a Twit about Twitter

Twitter Still have your doubts about the power and value of social media such as Twitter and Facebook? Then check out the opinion of one of North America’s most respected online political strategists, Andrew Bleeker. Andrew is the Washington-based digital guru who was director of internet advertising for President Barack Obama’s successful 2008 election campaign. […]