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Google April Fools Day Jokes: The Best of 2011 and 2012

Google April Fools The Google team have become known for their Google April Fools Day jokes. Year on year the search engine improves the calibre of the pranks it deploys on the public. However the years of 2011 and 2012 saw the level of the jokes take on a far more professional dimension. Google April […]

Amplify: Amplify Launch Education Orientated Tablet

Amplify Education Tablet Apple has enjoyed great success with its Ipad series. The unstoppable series has even been able to access the classroom market for school children. This seems paradoxical as the Ipad does not include a keyboard as a standard feature. However the statistics speak for themselves, Apple recently stated that it had sold […]

TimeRabbit: Facebook Introduces Time Measurement Device

TimeRabbit Facebook can become a never ending abyss of words, pictures, links and videos. How many hours are spent soullessly trudging, scrolling and stalking through friends? How many hours are spent looking through friends photo albums? A friend of mine once joked that Facebook should give its users time rebates. The world has been crying […]

Russian Social Media: The Growth of Social Media in Russia

Russian Social Media Awakening As Keith Richards (founding member of The Rolling Stones) commented “it was jeans and rock music that brought the iron curtain down”. As historian Niall Ferguson wittily noted: “perhaps the greatest mystery of the cold war is why the workers’ paradise could not manage to produce a decent pair of jeans.” […]

Obamas Social Media Campaigns: Comparison between 2008 and 2012

Obamas Social Media Campaigns Obama in his 2008 electoral campaign was commended for his masterly utilisation of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. He even going as far as setting up his very own social media site in the form of: What was most remarkable about Obamas social media campaigns was […]

Chinese Social Media: Red Sun Rising – The Dawn of Social Media

Red Sun Rising: The Dawn of Chinese Social Media With connections playing an essential part in the Chinese business community, it is perhaps then little wonder that Chinese social media has blossomed. Becoming the edifice shaping Chinese relationship-building; the evidence of this is clearly demonstrated through the vast number of China’s 513 million netizens who […]

What is a Google? – To Google or Not to Googol

What is a Google? We all know Google, the search engine. Its name has become synonymous with searching for information on the Internet. It has even been adopted as a stand-alone verb. We no longer flinch or wonder what a person means when they say “let me google this”. Often these words escape our own […]

Reddit Social Media: Astronaut’s Reddit Social Media Chat

Reddit Social Media from Space So there you are, orbiting 200 miles above the earth on the International Space Station, blazing through space like a tin comet, blinking in wonderment as continents and oceans fly by beneath your feet like road signs flicking past the car window as you hurtle down the motorway, and what’s […]

Frames: Google and Frames – Search Engine Optimisation

Frames Once upon a time, in the World Wide Web’s infancy many websites were designed with frames. These were used on the internet before Google was even thought of. Quite recently, we were asked by a potential client about Google and frames, and whether or not they should be implemented. I know, crazy err, it […]