9 March 2013

Frames: Google and Frames – Search Engine Optimisation

Google and Frames


Once upon a time, in the World Wide Web’s infancy many websites were designed with frames. These were used on the internet before Google was even thought of. Quite recently, we were asked by a potential client about Google and frames, and whether or not they should be implemented. I know, crazy err, it sounded so 1990’s that we decided to put together this explanation together to their question as to whether or not frames should be used for Google SEO purposes.

Frames being a very old option and given that technology has moved so fast that from a Google point of view SEO Web Marketing would say certainly, most definitely no. We would always advise to use the most up to date technology when designing websites and especially avoid frames, our Google Expert says, “They are just soooo 1997”.

Google and Frames

There is a reason that Google does not like frames. That is simply because it cannot read the content as the frames keep all of the details of the website. If Google cannot read anything, it will have nothing to index and therefore will be dismissive of your site even if in the frames it held the most informative information ever written.

If a site does use frames the only information that Google can rely on to ‘score it’ is the Metatag information and the links pointing at the site.

If your website was developed in the infancy of the World Wide Web and your website designer used the old frames technology a re-design would be highly recommended.

There are many other factors and negative impacts from usually old technology. As Google has grown, developed and learnt it has expected, and rightly so that we have also done the same. We should have kept up to date and implemented the latest technology on our sites.

Frames are not recommended unless of course you are still living in the last century!