22 March 2013

Meta Tags Keyword Optimisation – Using your Business Name in the URL

meta tags keyword optimisation

Meta Tags Keyword Optimisation

There are many businesses online that have made the mistake of optimising their Meta Tags with their business domain name instead of the relevant keywords and phrases. In this article we look at Meta Tags Keyword Optimisation and advise against continually referencing your URL. If your business and domain name match there is no point. In fact you dilute the main keywords in density.

From years of research into basic implementation of search engine optimisation, our Google Expert here at SEO Web Marketing found this to be a common mistake or misconception. With numerous businesses including their business name in the Title Tag which not only detracts from the website’s theme it also lowers the prominence of the ‘real’ keywords.

It is always best to optimise for your website’s content and not the web address.

We came across this pattern after 12 years of SEO research. At the outset of any online marketing campaign we put together a full document breaking down each individual page and their Meta Tags, and a pattern emerged.

We believe this is because web designers implement the Metatags with the view that the business owner should get them SEO’d up at a later date. The website designer is there to design and develop your site. The SEO work is handled separately.

Long Tail Keyword Optimisation

If you are putting together your Meta Tags there are many free online tools. It is better to look for the niche gap in your market. Go for the long tail search terms rather than the obvious generic terms.

Look for opportunities in your market by using Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool for the best Meta Tags Keyword Optimisation. It is totally free. Once you have completed your research get targeting each page more effectively through the Meta Tags and drop the continual reference to your business URL.