1 April 2016

Which Social Media Platforms Work Best When Used Together?

Which Social Media Platforms Work Best When Used Together?

Which Social Media Platforms Work Best When Used Together?

When utilising social media as part of a brands online marketing strategy, it is incredibly important to understand each particular platform. This is because different platforms have slightly different audiences, have different preferred types of content and make use of different tones of conversation and types of humour. Often making use of multiple social media platforms simultaneously can strengthen a brand’s marketing activities. However, it is important to ensure these platforms are compatible with each other. Collected beneath are a selection of social media combinations which have been consistently shown to work exceptionally well together.

Pinterest and Tumblr:

At first Pinterest appears to be a never ending pool of fresh images to pin, however after using the platform for a period of time, users may notice that the same quotes and the same images have been pinned by numerous people. Whilst it is incredibly easy to add new images to Pinterest a number of users prefer to repin existing images as opposed to adding new ones. Tumblr provides users with a wide range of high quality visual content which are perfect to pin. In addition, many images fall under the same categories on Tumblr as they appear on Pinterest, utilising these platforms together is the perfect way of sourcing and providing fresh and appealing image based content.

Pinterest and Instagram:

Pinterest is full of instructional guides and recipes. When following these recipes for the best social media reception it is advisable to share the results firstly through Instagram and then to pin an image through Pinterest. Pinning Instagram images can be done quickly and easily, in addition this adds a personal level to a board setting it apart from the crowd. This is an excellent way of creating more conversation around pins on Pinterest.

Pinterest and Twitter:

Since Twitter has made it possible to include images with tweets in a visually impressive format, taking images from Pinterest and tweeting them via Twitter means a whole new audience can appreciate these images. In addition, the inclusion of an image with a tweet is likely to drastically increase the level of engagement which it receives.

Twitter and Facebook:

Often it can be difficult for small businesses when they are searching for fresh new content to share. When it comes to finding this content, Twitter provides a more effective search tool than Facebook’s graph tool. This is because due to the nature of Twitter it is in many ways a better forum for the sharing of content and articles, making it easier to keep up with current news and events whilst facilitating a deeper discussion around topics than Facebook.

Due to the fact that hashtags have become so entrenched on Twitter, searching for a particular hashtag often proves an effective means of finding content associated to a specific subject. To demonstrate, if a travel business wanted to post relevant content on Facebook a search of the Twitter hashtag #traveltips may yield some useful information.

Twitter and Tumblr and/or Reddit:

Often Twitter users wish to post content on the platform but feel they are unable to completely express themselves within the limits of 140 characters. Primarily, Twitter is an excellent place for sharing brief concepts and ideas and facilitating conversation in real time. However it is limited when it comes to providing depth. This shortcoming can be easily overcome by making use of either Tumblr or Reddit. Users can utilise these platforms to place a long form response which can then posted on Twitter in link form. In order to attract a larger response and greater levels of interaction it is important to include an introductory sentence in the tweet.

If Tumblr users link their account to their Twitter accounts then all blogs posted on Tumblr will automatically appear on Twitter in tweet form.