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Twitter Business Tips: Get More Value Out Of Twitter

Twitter Business Tips Twitter is currently one of the most used social media platforms globally. Due to this, a number of businesses have set up accounts on the social media network as a marketing tool. Utilising the platform and our Twitter Business Tips will provide businesses with an excellent means to increase brand awareness and […]

LinkedIn Marketing: How To Up Your Game On The Platform

How To Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing Over its years of operation, LinkedIn has earned a reputation as a social media platform which is suited purely for networking or recruitment for business professionals. However this is changing. Over recent months, the platform has implemented a number of changes. These changes include the introduction of a variety […]

Facebook Hashtags: Marketing Potential and Privacy Issues

Facebook Hashtags Facebook announced its intention to introduce Twitter like hashtags in June 2013. However it was not immediately clear what advantage these would have for marketers who make use of the social media platform. The announcement was accompanied by little in the way of information, except that in the short term there would be […]

New Business Twitter Account: Getting Started

New Business Twitter Account Like the majority of things associated with business, getting started is often the hardest milestone to overcome. This also applies to your Twitter account. In order to help you set up a Twitter account, and begin achieving your social media goals, here is a ten step guide to setting up a […]

Alan Turing Google Doodle: His 100th Birthday

Alan Turing Google Doodle In 1928 at the age of just 16 Turing came across the work of Albert Einstein. Not only did Turing understand his fellow genius’s work he even extrapolated Einstein’s questioning of Newton’s Law of Motion from a document. What is perhaps most remarkable about this incident is that the document did […]

Twitter Hashtag: The 101 Beginners Guide

Twitter Hashtag The hashtag provides companies with a fantastic avenue to breach the void between online and offline marketing. However a basic understanding of what a hashtag is, and how to utilise them effectively is required. In Twitter’s opinion, a hashtag is used to mark specific keywords or topics in a tweet format. Humble as […]

Pinterest For Business: How Pinterest Can Help Your Business

Pinterest For Business Pinterest is a relatively new social media platform which places an extremely large emphasis on the sharing of images. On this social media platform users are easily able to share images with an online following. This can be achieved through a variety of means. Users are able to share images they find […]

Google April Fools Day 2013: All Fools Day

Google April Fools Day 2013 Over the years of Google’s activity April Fools’ Day has become an international holiday for the search engine. Google’s employees deliver year upon year, more and more extensive and elaborate pranks to the entertainment and bewilderment of the general public. Google April Fools Day 2013 was no exception and they […]

Twitter Archive: How To Utilise For Analysing Marketing Trends

Twitter Archive In December 2012 Twitter announced that it was providing all its users the ability to download a complete archive of all their tweets. This feature is a valuable asset to users who utilise the social media platform for marketing. The information will also prove a useful tool for marketers when deciding on future […]