30 January 2014

LinkedIn Marketing: How To Up Your Game On The Platform

How To Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Over its years of operation, LinkedIn has earned a reputation as a social media platform which is suited purely for networking or recruitment for business professionals. However this is changing. Over recent months, the platform has implemented a number of changes. These changes include the introduction of a variety of features which have created a mass migration of businesses to the platform. LinkedIn provides businesses access to over 20 million registered users. Due to this, many businesses are now realising the customer acquisition possibilities which the platform presents.

LinkedIn presents a powerful asset to the social commerce activities of any business. Due to the audience which the platform provides access to, it should form the cornerstone of your online business to business marketing activities. In order to gain the best returns from your LinkedIn marketing strategy, there are a number of factors you should consider.

Actively use your company page

A business page is far more than just an online brochure of your company, it enables you to:

  • Build a customer following on the platform.
  • Promote the products and services which your company provides.
  • Empower your employees by enabling them to act as ambassadors for your company on the platform.
  • Produce specific targeted status updates to key areas of your target audience.

Ask for recommendations

It may seem obvious but to improve your LinkedIn marketing ask clients and customers to provide recommendations. This is an excellent way of creating authority for your services on the platform. Recommendations are one of the best ways of building credibility for your company on LinkedIn.

Join Groups

This is where your customers will hang out on the platform. Therefore you should join relevant groups where you are likely to find new and existing customers. Once you have joined a group, you should ensure that you are a helpful member. This can be achieved by providing useful answers to questions asked by other group members. However, it may take time to establish your presence within these groups so do not expect instant results. With a LinkedIn Marketing schedule, you can plan progress without over committing yourself.

Share content which will resonate with your audience

This applies to all online content which you post. You should take steps to ensure that you share content which is both interesting and valuable. By default, this makes your content far more shareable, whilst also helping to improve your image as an industry authority. Ensure you share content regularly about a wide variety of topics. This practice ensures your audience remains engaged.

Listen and engage

Too often businesses overlook the social aspect of social media. Ensure that you listen and actively participate in the groups which you have joined.