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Top Twitter Shortcuts: In Alphabetical Order

Top Twitter Shortcuts: In Alphabetical Order

Top Twitter Shortcuts Twitter as a social media platform keeps going from strength to strength with an active membership which is continually growing. Due to the novel format, whereby posts consist of 140 characters or less, of submitting content into the platform it produces rapid input and concise content. However when using Twitter it can […]

Facebook Study: New Study reveals Facebook may improve Self-Esteem

Facebook Study Contrary to previous studies, a recent Facebook study has revealed that it may actually raise self esteem. The Facebook study advised users who are feeling down or depressed to view their profile page which the study claims would lift their mood. This advice comes from a Facebook study which findings concluded that peoples […]

Bing April Fools 2013: Bing Basic and SEO Tag

Bing April Fools 2013 This year Bing joined the search engine April Fools’ Day bandwagon. As a search engine Bing is late to join the April Fools’ Day based tomfoolery however due to the strength of the two gags it unveiled for public consumption the search engine looks to be one to watch in future […]