20 June 2013

Top Twitter Shortcuts: In Alphabetical Order

Top Twitter Shortcuts

Twitter as a social media platform keeps going from strength to strength with an active membership which is continually growing. Due to the novel format, whereby posts consist of 140 characters or less, of submitting content into the platform it produces rapid input and concise content. However when using Twitter it can take time to perform simple and basic functions so we have put together our top Twitter shortcuts. Just as Microsoft Word has keyboard shortcuts for basic function, e.g. Ctrl + V for paste and Ctrl + C for copy, Twitter also provides its users with keyboard shortcuts. The following top Twitter shortcuts are listed in alphabetical order and are designed to help users save time and to get the most out of the platform.

Top Twitter Shortcuts - Twitter command

Top Twitter Shortcuts in Alphabetical Order


Single letter keyboard shortcuts:

B= Block User

F= Favourite a tweet

J= Next Tweet

K= Previous tweet

L= Close open tweets

M= Send or compose a new direct message

N= New tweet

R= Reply to a tweet

T= Retweet a tweet

U= Unblock user

Combination letter keyboard shortcuts:   

G then A= Activity page

G then C= Connect page

G then D= Discover page

G then F= Go to Favourites

G then H= Go to Home page

G then L= Lists

G then M= Go to direct Messages

G then P= Go to your Profile

G then R= Go to Reply/ Mentions page

G then S= Settings

G then U= Go to a page/ to view any user’s timeline

Grammatical keyboard shortcuts:

Space= Page down

Shift + space= Page up

Escape= Cancel a message composition window or close the help window

Full stop (.)= Refresh and return to top of page

Enter= scroll down into, or close a selected tweet

Forward slash (/) = Search

Period/ colon (:) = Load new tweets

Question mark (?) = Load Shortcut menu

Top Twitter Shortcuts - Keyboard shortcuts