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Second Most Tweeted Event in History: Papal Election

Second Most Tweeted Event in History – The Pope Users of Twitter may have felt recently that their feed was dominated in earlier this year by posts about the new pope. The new pope, Pope Francis I, is the first pope of South American origin. It is surprising perhaps that it has taken this long […]

Reasons To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

To Facebook or Not to Facebook In this article we look at the many reasons to deactivate your Facebook account. Today it seems everyone has a Facebook account. In fact not having a Facebook account is akin to being a social pariah. It seems that if you do not wish to document your life on […]

Social Media Myths Exposed: Social Media Marketing Advice

Social Media Myths Exposed With the ever expanding reach of social media the myths which surround it grow too. However like all myths although they may have a theoretical or hypothetical validity, they are fallacious. So here are some of the social media myths exposed. Social Media Myths Exposed – My clientele are not on […]

Google Inactive Account Manager: Posthumous Services

Google Inactive Account Manager Google provides users with management options for their Gmail and YouTube account after death with their Google Inactive Account Manager service. In the event of your death it is likely that you will make efforts to meet the occasion fully prepared. Traditionally this has been done in a variety of ways, […]

Forty Facebook Facts: From Population, Usage to Globalisation

Forty Facebook Facts Increasingly Facebook has become ‘the social media website’ place to be. These forty Facebook facts aim to provide an insight into the world’s busiest social media platform. Whether keeping in touch with friends or family, or to access the latest celebrity gossip and world news. Equally people are using the platform to […]

Tweeting Potential Clients: How to Engage in 140 Characters

Tweeting Potential Clients Tweeting Potential Clients – The challenge of engaging with potential clients in less than 140 characters: Initially Twitter can be extremely complex, confusing and sometimes misleading. Many people question the purpose of the format and fail to engage tweeting potential clients who have already shown an interest by following your account. Wondering […]

Google Plus Hangout: Google Plus Hangout Capture App

Google Plus Hangout Capture App In early 2013 Google announced they would be introducing a “capture” app for the Google Plus Hangout platform. The application would allow users to record and save their hangouts, allowing them to relive the hangout at a later date. A spokesman for Google: Jeremy Ng, recently commented in a post […]

Different Search Engines: Looking for a Google Detox?

It’s hard to believe but there was a time when the first task for searching online was to choosing which one of the different search engines to use. That’s right. Choose a search engine! Back in the dim and distance past (around 1999), Google was just one among many search engine providers – remember the […]

Facebook Censorship: Facebook Loses its Head over Gory Videos

Facebook Censorship Social media giant Facebook recently found itself mired in a swamp of controversy of its own making after a couple of gory videos were published on its social media platform network. This has led to Facebook censorship on certain subject matters. The two videos showed people being beheaded, apparently in Mexico. In the […]