24 May 2013

Forty Facebook Facts: From Population, Usage to Globalisation

Forty Facebook Facts

Increasingly Facebook has become ‘the social media website’ place to be. These forty Facebook facts aim to provide an insight into the world’s busiest social media platform. Whether keeping in touch with friends or family, or to access the latest celebrity gossip and world news. Equally people are using the platform to keep up with their favourite businesses. For all of this Facebook is the place to be. Considering we spend on average 27 hours a month on the site, how much do we actually know about the platform? The platforms popularity is such that in 2010 it surpassed the online traffic of Google. So here is the social media behemoth in forty Facebook facts starting with the population or even addiction.

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Forty Facebook Facts starting with The Facebook Population:

1. Facebook has an astronomical population. The total number of active Facebook users is well over 500 million. Some estimate the figure to be as high as around 660 million. This is the equivalent of double the total population of the USA! 100 million of these active users access Facebook solely through their smartphones.

2. The average Facebook user has 130 friends on the social media platform.

3. Collectively all of Facebook’s users spend a time stopping total of 700 billion minutes on the platform every month. The equivalent of 486 million days!

4. Of Facebook’s total active population, half of it logs on every day. In business terms Facebook profiles have 50% daily brand loyalty.

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Facebook Activity Levels:

5. An average user is reported to feed 90 pieces of content onto the site every month. This figure equates to three a day. Based on this figure the average user posts 1080 pieces of content every year.

6. Connections: the same average user is connected to 80 pages, likes and events.

7. The online Facebook community contributes over 30 billion entries and pieces of online content to the platform every month.

8. Too much choice? There are over 900 online objects which Facebook users can interact with. This includes: pages, groups, events and community pages. Allowing each of Facebook’s users to interact with content which is of interest to them.

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The Globalisation of Facebook:

9. The Platform offers translations for 70 different languages. Ranging from novelty translations such as the popular pirate translation, to Persian and Slovakian.

10. Over 70% of Facebook’s netizens, hail from countries other than the platforms native U.S.A.

Half of Denmark’s population have an account on the site. (2,421,380 people out of a total of 5,484,723). Although the platform is most popular in the U.S.A, the countries ranked third and fourth for membership are surprisingly Indonesia and Turkey respectively.

11. Helpful society: Over 300, 000 individual users have helped the site by contributing to the translation application. 25, 000 users helped to bring the site to Turkey by contributing to the translation of Facebook into Turkish.

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Platform Infrastructure:

12. The Platform supports over 550,000 active applications.

13. Over 70% of the platforms active users engage with the platforms applications.

14. Currently the number of websites that have integrated with the platform stands at over 1 million.

15. The platform boasts over one million developers, who in turn herald from over 180 countries collectively.

16. Facebook is extremely popular with high ranking websites: half of Comscore’s global top 100 websites, and two thirds of Comscores U.S. top 100 websites have integrated with the platform.

17. A figure of over 150 million people, interact with Facebook through external websites every month.

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Web-wide Facebook Stats:

18. Facebook as a company employs over 1,700 employees.

19. The site supports over 1.5 million local business pages. All of which have been established a presence on the platform, through the setting up of profiles or pages.

20. 80% of all businesses globally now have pages on Facebook, using the platform as part of their online corporate advertising strategies via social commerce.

21. Estimates place the total value of the site between: 7.9 and 11 billion dollars. This figure is however rapidly rising.

22. Facebook has become a global phenomenon, with 70% of all active users heralding from outside the US. The platform has gone from strength to strength in Oceania. By the end of 2012 37.7% of its population, had active accounts on the platform.

23. The platform supports over 3 million active fan pages. Giving users the freedom to express themselves in their likes.

24. Every day over 20 million Facebook users become fans of fan pages. Currently Michael Jackson is the most followed fan page on the platform, with 11million+ fans.

25. Collectively the Facebook fan pages have a fan base of over 5.3 billion fans.

26. Women post more content than men, posting on average 55% more content than their male counterparts.

27. The average user spends 55 minutes on the platform each day.

28. Collectively the global users of the platform spend 7 billion minutes on the platform each day.

29. Every month the collected population of Facebook uploads a jaw dropping 3 billion photos.

30. Users collectively share over the platform 30 billion pieces of content every month. 360 billion pieces of content each year. Last year the site stored electronically over 100 petabytes of photos and videos; this figure equates to double the written works of all humanity in every language.

31. Facebook as a platform plays host to more than 45 million active user groups.

32. Over 250 applications have a loyal following, whereby over one million users access the application every month.

33. The most popular Facebook page is currently Candy Crush Saga with 44, 580, 646 fans. Data according to App Data figures.

34. If Facebook were a nation, with all its users making up the population, it would be the third largest country in the world.

35. The USA has the highest number of active users for a single country, boasting: 163, 071, 460 users. Brazil ranks second supporting 66, 552, 420 active users. Figures according to Check Facebook.

36. India is the country with the fastest growing Facebook membership per month, Its Facebook population is increasing at a rate of 2.38%, equating to 1, 464, 220 new users every month. Figures according to Check Facebook.

37. Zynga is the top ranked Facebook developer.

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Facebook’s Usage on Mobile Phones:

38. Statistically, people who use Facebook via their mobile devices are recorded to be twice as active as users who use the platform from their computers.

39. Over 200 million active users are currently accessing Facebook via their mobile phones.

40. Globally over 200 phone companies and operators, in 60 countries are trying to mobilise Facebook applications on their products.

Hope you enjoyed our forty Facebook facts and we are sure here at SEO Web Marketing, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have a lot more in store for the world’s population and procrastination!

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