11 September 2013

Twitter Ads Campaigns: How To Manage Them Guide

Twitter Ads Campaigns

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Over time, Twitter Ads Campaigns have improved and developed into an excellent marketing tool. Initially the format was lacking depth unlike the PPC advertising programmes of Google and Facebook. Despite this, Twitter Ads have matured into an extremely useful marketing tool. There are some tricks and tips to be aware of when using this advertising format and therefore produce successful Twitter Ads Campaigns. This blog post aims to provide users with the confidence to utilise Twitter Ads to their full potential.

Twitter Ads Campaigns: Service Options Available for Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads Campaigns provides two service options. The first is Self Service, which is best suited for use by small to medium sized businesses. The second service option is Full Service. The difference between the two options is at best minimal. However, with the Full Service option, users gain a dedicated ad specialist from the Twitter team to help you fine tune your Twitter Ads Campaigns. Users who have experience running other campaigns will have little problem adjusting to the Twitter marketing Ad format. However, there are some key differences which users will need to acquaint themselves with.

Promoted Profile Ads

If you are trying to build your Twitter following, promoting your profile using poignant keywords is a good way of reaching users who may be interested in you. When you use this option, your profile will be promoted in the “Who to Follow” section for results using similar keywords. Also a “Promoted” designation will appear next your user name. Promoted Posts are only displayed to users who are yet to follow you. The Ads campaign enables users to choose to have their ad displayed in a number of ways. These ways include: displayed to people who are interested in the same things you are, whose profiles are similar to the followers of accounts you list as well as by gender and broad location.

Promoted Tweets

Twitter Ads Campaigns provide the ability to display your message directly to the users who are most likely to be interested in it. When displaying content via Ads Campaigns, a number of options are available. These options include: displaying specific tweets to users, promoting all your tweets or to only display your tweets to users who have not yet followed your page. Ads Campaigns are similar to Promoted Accounts. The main similarity is how the campaign is targeted. With Ads Campaigns, users can be targeted using a variety of means which include target by keyword, and target people whose interests are similar to those in a specific list of your selection. Users can also be targeted by gender and geographical location.

Twitter Ads Campaigns: How Much Does It Cost to Run An Ads Campaign?

Ultimately there is no black and white answer to this question. Twitter Ads campaigns can cost as much or as little as you are willing to spend on them. Ultimately, you are paying for clicks. Therefore, whatever campaign you set up, you control both the payment method and how much you want to pay. When embarking on an Ads campaign, it is worth spending some time establishing how much your want to spend per action. Once you have done this you are ready to start. The success of the campaign is not done to how much you invest in it. A campaign will be successful if there is demand for the ad space surrounding your selected criteria.

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Simple Tips for Effective Ad Management

As a social media platform, Twitter presents an unusual format from which to launch advertising campaigns. Experts state that the shelf life for content on Twitter can be anywhere between a couple of seconds and a few hours. By their very nature, Promoted tweets also have a limited shelf life. This is as the interaction levels with tweets will spike and then drop off. Often this can happen exceptionally quickly.

In order to gain most success from an Ads Campaign, you need to be creative. It is also worth having a couple of tweets which you can use if you want to ensure your ads continue to generate clicks. Beneath are some simple tips in order to increase the effectiveness of your Twitter Ads Campaign.

Select your target group carefully

If you have a limited amount of time for your ad campaign, then ensure that your target is not too broad, or equally not too narrow. This practice makes for ineffective campaigns. Before launching your campaign, it is worth researching your intended target group to ensure your campaign will reach those you intend to reach.

Display your Ads at optimum times

Here it is worth taking a detailed look at your Twitter Analytics. Using this information you can determine when the best time to launch content is. This feature also enables you to see when your target audience is most active on the platform. Use this information to determine the timing of your campaign appropriately.

Include a call to action option

Spend time considering what you want people to do once they have read your post. If it is not simple, people just won’t do it. Therefore provide people with a either an easy task or a link to follow.

Create multiple Ads

This option relies on your access to funding. If you have the funding, it is highly advisable to run several ads simultaneously. Alternatively, you can also run a sequence of ads. This option enables you to quickly and easily see which ads have been the most effective.

Manage multiple accounts

One good option for ads campaign is to provide an administrator with direct access to your ads account. This allows them to manage your accounts without providing them with direct access to your Twitter account, passwords and most importantly financial information. Whilst an admin will be unable to create tweets themselves, they will be able to effectively manage you campaigns. This option is best suited to businesses that do not have the time available to directly oversee every aspect of the campaign. This option is simple, just add capital to your account and an admin can invest it where it will be most successful.

Share your ads with non followers

Displaying your ads to people who already follow you may not produce the best results. Also, if you are launching multiple ads, you may risk alienating existing followers by filling their feeds with your ads. When designing this feature, Twitter considered this. Due to this, you are able to show your ad to either everyone or to people who are yet to follow you. The nature of an ad campaign is to increase awareness and attract new customers, clients and followers. Due to this, it is best to launch your ads campaigns directly to people who have not already followed you.

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Take time to experiment with ads campaigns

Launching an ads campaign which resonates with your target audience is not always easily achieved. Due to this, it is well worth spending some time customising ads directly for your target audience. See what works and what does not, and model your campaigns accordingly.