social media strategy

How to Use Social Media to Make Your Small Business Seem Bigger

Often due to their nature, small businesses only have access to extremely limited resources. Often therefore, small businesses pride themselves on their ability to move quickly from project to project. However this sometimes comes at the cost of achieving their long term growth goals. In order to be successful small companies and businesses need to […]

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Social Media Marketing

The greatest strength of social media marketing is the way that social networking sites encourage interaction between users. People can talk to you, or to one another about your product and the discussion can be joined by anyone. With the right management your social media presence can help you increase the number of potential customers […]

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Which Social Media Platforms Work Best When Used Together?

Which Social Media Platforms Work Best When Used Together? When utilising social media as part of a brands online marketing strategy, it is incredibly important to understand each particular platform. This is because different platforms have slightly different audiences, have different preferred types of content and make use of different tones of conversation and types […]

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Nike Social Media: Nike’s Exceptional Social Media Campaigns

Nike Social Media Campaigns Nike is an excellent example of a company who has successfully increased their brand exposure through a number of highly effective social media campaigns. Collected beneath are a number of these Nike social media examples, some of which tie into the brand’s huge #makeitcount initiative and their Nike+ network. However other […]

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Smashing Pumpkins Social Media: A Successful Visual Campaign

Smashing Pumpkins Social Media Recently the world famous band, The Smashing Pumpkins decided to connect with their cyber fans through a visually based social media marketing campaign. The Smashing Pumpkins social media campaign aimed to draw fans in by directly asking them questions about the songs the band was set to release on their latest […]

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Vine Marketing: Using Vine Part Of A Social Media Marketing Campaign

Vine Marketing Twitter began utilising the Vine app in January 2013, and was available for iPhones from the start. However, the social media platform only launched an Android compatible app during August 2013. Numerous individuals have been taking advantage of the novel six second video sharing format provided by Vine for personal reasons. However, businesses […]

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Cadburys Social Media Campaign: We Like That!

How Cadbury’s Chocolate Thumb Boosted The Company’s Facebook Following Increasingly social media is becoming an integral part of business’s online marketing campaigns. When it comes to developing future social media campaigns it never hurts to look at previous ones as case studies, to identify new strategies which can be adopted in order to improve a […]

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