21 August 2017

Brand Awareness Hacks Via Social Media

Drive Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Whereas as little as  five years ago business owners would often diminish the credibility of social media as a channel worth marketing to, today’s world paints a very different picture. In the UK alone we are looking at over 32 million accounts on Facebook, 14 million on Instagram and 45% of all UK adults using Twitter. These current figures have meant that getting brands in front of this engaged audience has now quickly become an absolute priority for many businesses. So how do you go about increasing your brand awareness in a very competitive space?

Brand Awareness Hacks Via Social Media

Channel specific strategy

There is still a real advantage to be had over many other business when it comes to producing and delivering your content on to the various social media platforms. Many businesses still deliver the same piece of content in the same way on to each platform.

Every social media platform has a different vibe, energy and way that the audience consumes content. As such, it is vital to create a strategy whereby you decide on the mix of content assets e.g. video, gifs, written form that will be used on each channel.

In addition to this, it is vital to pick the correct channel to prioritise from the get go. Many businesses still feel that they have to distribute their content onto all platforms – wrong! Find the platform where your target audience hangs out and double down your efforts here first and foremost, only branching out after you have gained some momentum on your key platform.

Be patient, as building a following on social media can take time. Stay consistent with the quality of content you are delivering and in time you will start to see results.

Visual eye candy

Undoubtedly, visuals are a great medium in which to allow you to be creative with your brand so be sure you are using the correct platform that best delivers this type of content to your target audience.

When creating and sharing videos, include your company logo at the footer of screen so that when it gets shared your brand is always visible. This too can be done with images and provides a consistent, recognisable addition to your assets allowing fans to instantly know that this content was created by your company.


One of the key ways to drive brand awareness is to partner with the right influencers who have built an engaged and trusted following within your target audience.

Contact the influencer to arrange a series of campaigns and aim to be creative in the way the way you want to deliver your brand. Remember an influencer’s audience is used to seeing sponsored posts, so approach this strategy with the same mindset as you would do with all your content – make something unique and valuable that will spark interest in their audience and will lead to lots of impressions and sharing across the platform.