Bing April Fools 2013: Bing Basic and SEO Tag

Bing April Fools 2013 This year Bing joined the search engine April Fools’ Day bandwagon. As a search engine Bing is late to join the April Fools’ Day based tomfoolery however due to the strength of the two gags it unveiled for public consumption the search engine looks to be one to watch in future […]

Social Media Myths Exposed: Social Media Marketing Advice

Social Media Myths Exposed With the ever expanding reach of social media the myths which surround it grow too. However like all myths although they may have a theoretical or hypothetical validity, they are fallacious. So here are some of the social media myths exposed. Social Media Myths Exposed – My clientele are not on […]

Social Media Marketing Myths: Exposing the Common Myths

Social Media Marketing Myths Exposed Over the short history of social media a number of myths have cropped up. As with myths in other areas of life, these social media marketing myths have in some circles have gained the validity of facts. There are a number of reasons to explain the creation of these myths. […]

Google Panda Meta Tags – Google Panda Algorithm

Google Panda Meta Tags In the world of search engine optimisation or SEO as it is more commonly referred to there are many factors that Google looks at. From Alt Tags to Bounce Rate and even Google Panda Meta Tags. In fact there are over 200 factors with 10,000 altercations that Google actually takes into […]

Google Coding: Google blasts Pirates with Coding Cannonball

Google Coding As the world’s numero uno search engine, Google holds major sway over which businesses, products and social networking trends generate web traffic and make headlines. This article looks at the new Google algorithm coding. Rising to the top of Google rankings doesn’t happen by accident. It’s no secret that Google uses complex algorithms […]