16 February 2013

Google Panda Meta Tags – Google Panda Algorithm

Google Panda Meta Tags

Google Panda Meta Tags

In the world of search engine optimisation or SEO as it is more commonly referred to there are many factors that Google looks at. From Alt Tags to Bounce Rate and even Google Panda Meta Tags. In fact there are over 200 factors with 10,000 altercations that Google actually takes into account for Page 1 SERPs.

In this article our we look at Meta Tags and their usage. Meta Tags sit in the coding behind every web page and although your website designer may have implemented these they are not always best targeted. This should be one of the first stages of SEO Web Marketing to ensure they are SEO’d up to their individual full potential.

Google Panda Meta Tags – Title, Description and Keywords

There are three types of Meta Tags. They are back-end coded into your site and usually this is what Google picks up and displays in its search results. On the Google search results there is a blue highlighted Title which is the Title Meta Tag and a short description underneath which is more commonly the Description Meta Tag. In some cases Google displays part of the web content as they see this as more relevant than the inputted Description Meta Tag. It is always best to look at each page entirely as if it were a website of its own and fully utilise the Metatags.

Having mentioned the Title and Description Metatag which both show on the Google SERPs. There is also another Meta Tag which is the Keywords Meta Tag. Many SEO Experts will say this Meta Tag is so Year 2000 and has zero impact but according to Google’s Panda algorithm (we printed it off and actually read the full algorithm changes rather than speculating) if you are to utilise this the Keywords Meta Tag and would like friendly Google Panda Meta Tags you should follow these rules:-

No more than ten keywords in total including keyphrases.

No keyword repeated more than twice even if it is part of an entirely new keyphrase.

The keywords or keyphrases must appear on the actual page.

In regards to how long each Tag should be, the general rules are to keep your Title Tag characters under 60 and the Description between 120 – 155 characters. That includes spaces!

Tedious I know but it is so worth cleaning up each of your Page Tags and bringing them in-line with the Panda algorithm and have up to date Google Panda Meta Tags, or give us a call and we will do them for you.