How to Make Your YouTube Channel Succeed

Making your YouTube channel appealing to visitors is essential. However, page view and click statistics do not completely indicate whether your video marketing campaign is succeeding in its goals. Despite this, they do show how many people are viewing and interacting with your message. The role of a film editor is more than just creating […]

Latin America: Social Media Overview

The countries of Latin America continent share a common cultural and linguistic history. However each of these countries have their own, very different pre-colonial cultures and traditions, the combination of these two factors has had a distinct effect in shaping them into the countries they are today. So what social media networks are popular in […]

Which Social Media Platforms Work Best When Used Together?

Which Social Media Platforms Work Best When Used Together? When utilising social media as part of a brands online marketing strategy, it is incredibly important to understand each particular platform. This is because different platforms have slightly different audiences, have different preferred types of content and make use of different tones of conversation and types […]

Summer 2014: Social Media Trends

Vine The video sharing app has slowly but surely gained ground in the social media world. When Instagram launched its video sharing option, it looked like the days of Vine were numbered. However the platform’s six second videos kept bringing users back to the app. A number of brands, such as Dunkin Donuts, harnessed the […]

Nike Social Media: Nike’s Exceptional Social Media Campaigns

Nike Social Media Campaigns Nike is an excellent example of a company who has successfully increased their brand exposure through a number of highly effective social media campaigns. Collected beneath are a number of these Nike social media examples, some of which tie into the brand’s huge #makeitcount initiative and their Nike+ network. However other […]

Instagram Tips: How To Be Successful On The Platform In 2014

Instagram Tips  Instagram provides users with a photo and video sharing social media platform, it also offers users a number of digital filters, enabling them to transform their photos into professional looking images. The success and popularity of Instagram can be attributed to the ease with which it can be used. This is not simply […]

Pinterest Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Pinterest Metrics Pinterest has become an exceptionally popular social media platform for brands looking to extend the reach of their web marketing efforts. A number of brands who have created and overseen insightful campaigns, are making use of the social pin-board to boost awareness for their brand and are delivering fresh and interesting content. Surely […]