12 July 2017

10 Tips For Effective Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform to use as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. However, it’s important from and time and cost perspective to ensure that you’re using it in the right way to gain the maximum gains for the effort you put in. Here’s our top 10 tips for effective marketing on Instagram.

Top 10 Tips for Effective Marketing on Instagram

1. Live product launches

If you’re launching a new product, service or event then Instagram Stories can allow you to capture the day live. Be sure that you promote that you will be doing this and prepare in advance a rough storyboard that will keep followers entertained throughout the day.

2. Partner with other Brands on Instagram

Find businesses or influencers that share your target demographic and find ways to complement one another’s brand. This will allow you to leverage new audiences quickly.

3. Reach out for engagement

Drive engagement by asking questions to your followers.

4. Post often

Whether you are just beginning or have an established follower base, you need to make sure that you post frequently. Remember to keep the quality high still and always review when optimal times are for engagement and align your posting with these timeframes.

5. Keep on top of Instagram updates

Remaining on top of new updates and features on the platform will allow you to benefit as an early adopter. New ways to engage and market to your following through Instagram are constantly happening and as a result are producing great results.

6. Updates including Hastags

Hashtags are a major part of Instagram. Use relevant hashtags in your posts so that you get found and connected.

7. Implement a trending hashtags strategy

Trends on Instagram come and go in the blink of an eye. Set up alerts for trends that fit with your brand. Your post could suddenly be visible to thousands of people.

8. Respond to comments on posts

This is not just important for monitoring any complaints but also for engagement. It’s important to reply to people that have made the effort to comment. It show you appreciate them and stimulates further engagement.

9. Customer engagement at the forefront

Think beyond your product or service and instead about the wider interest of your customer i.e. Maybe posts about their lifestyle interests and align this with your brand.

10. Real life cases

Make videos and post images of your product or services in real life cases. This gives and authentic feel that sits native on this platform.