18 September 2013

Twitter Tips: How to Use Twitter More Effectively For Business

Twitter Tips

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Twitter can be an excellent addition to the social media marketing actions of any company. The main benefits provided by Twitter are the ability to quickly and easily share content and information with others about themselves or their business. On Twitter, this can be done without the time management and third party content concerns which occur on other platforms such as Facebook.

However, like all social media platforms, Twitter is only effective if you are an active participant. Beneath are several Twitter tips, hints and tricks for more effective Twitter use.

Twitter Tips, Hints and Tricks List

    1. Find and follow active participants in your industry. This is an excellent way of increasing industry awareness around your account. Particularly if your industry has an established Twitter presence and an active following with shared interests.
    2. Upload your business logo or icon onto your Twitter business account. Do not use a picture of one of your employees! Utilising your logo helps improve brand awareness and recognition for your company.
    3. Tweet frequently! This is an excellent way to establish and consolidate a loyal following on the platform. An inactive Twitter account associated to a business implies that the business is also inactive. This is an image which a business should avoid portraying at all costs. However not all tweets and content need to be your own. You can also retweet content posted by others which may be relevant to your following.
    4. Find and follow your existing clients, customers and contacts. These users are likely to be your best supporters. Due to this position, they are also most likely to retweet your tweets to their followers. This is an excellent way to engage with a greater number of followers on the platform.
    5. Place a link to your Twitter account on your website, blog and other associate online sites. This is an excellent way of increasing cross-traffic between your social media sites. You may also wish to consider the inclusion of your social media handles in your email signature.
    6. Spend time on the theme and background of your Twitter page. It is well worth taking the time to design a page and background which reflects the existing image of your company.
    7. Create a written background of your company. This can be done in the bio section. Make sure you also use this space to include links to your company website and any related industry disclaimers.
    8. Designate at least one member of your workforce to be responsible for your company’s Twitter account. This employee can also review and oversee what other employees tweet before the content is made public. This enables you to ensure that all posted content matches your company message.
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