7 November 2013

How To Know If Your Tweet Was Successful: Tweet Success

How To Know If Your Tweet Was Successful

How To Know If Your Tweet Was Successful

It is an excellent sensation when your business page gains favourites and retweets on Twitter but do these factors mean that the tweet in question was a success?

If you look at the amount of brands which tweet witty meme after witty meme, retweets and favourites may not guarantee a tweets success.

Simply put, from a business perspective, a successful tweet is about more than tickling your following. So how to know if your tweet was successful and gain that tweet success we have put together three key factors which you can utilise to determine the success of your tweets.

Three Key Factors: How to Know if Your Tweet was Successful

1.      Did the tweet help to convert your following?

When using Twitter for business, the ultimate goal is to persuade people to either buy or apply to your brand and products. Getting people to buy your products and services, and to take in your content, are steps in this process. However, in order to gauge the success of tweets, you should combine the data you have for Twitter with your conversion data. When this data is compared, you will quickly be able to establish whether your Twitter content is resulting in authentic leads to your website and subsequent sales.

2.      Did your tweet result in an increase in your following?

By having an audience on the platform, you are able to assume that a number of people are receiving your message and related content. The primary reason why businesses make use of platforms like Twitter and Facebook is that they provide a format whereby businesses are able to communicate with a presumably interested audience about your services and products. For your tweet to be truly successful it must therefore increase the size of your audience. This could come in the form of Twitter followers. However it can also come in the form of Facebook fans and additional subscribers to your mailing list. In order to discern the true impact of your tweet, you will need to combine that data from your tweet performance with that of your Facebook account and mailing list.

3.      Did your tweet successfully educate your following about your company?

In order for Twitter to be a truly effective marketing tool for your business, you need to consider each tweet as a tiny piece of marketing. Through tweets you should aim to inform your followers about what your business can offer, but also the type of company that you are. An important metric for Twitter-based success is getting your followers to browse your company’s website. The more pages these users view, the more drawn they are to your offering.

Based on these points you may be asking: “are you saying that engagement is meaningless?” The answer to this question is both yes and no. From a short term perspective engagement may be enough. However in the long run, this engagement needs to translate into the above to have a lasting impact. When all is said and done, engagement is an extremely valuable means to an end.

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