20 March 2014

Instagram Tips: How To Be Successful On The Platform In 2014

Instagram Tips 

Instagram Tips

Instagram provides users with a photo and video sharing social media platform, it also offers users a number of digital filters, enabling them to transform their photos into professional looking images. The success and popularity of Instagram can be attributed to the ease with which it can be used. This is not simply referring to the ease with which users can create artistic and visually impressive images, but also the ease with which users can then share these images across a number of social media networks.

For businesses and companies, Instagram can be utilised as a marketing tool in a number of ways. Collected beneath are a number of Instagram tips to help marketers achieve Instagram success in 2014.

Instagram Tips: Gain an understanding of the platform before becoming heavily involved

It is easy to get carried away with new social media platforms. Just because you want to be successful and build your audience does not mean you should do this straight away. Begin by taking and sharing a few images through your personal networks. This practice provides two benefits, it enables you to get used to how the platform operates. It also provides an insight into the kind of content which appeals to people. Once you are comfortable with the platform, begin taking pictures for your business and sharing them.

Instagram Tips: Connect to your Facebook Business Page

It is extremely easy to connect Instagram to your Facebook Page, a set of detailed instructions can be obtained by clicking here. Doing this not only means that it is easier for Facebook users to connect with your Instagram, it also means that it is easier for you to share your pictures and images via Facebook.

Instagram Tips: Make use of Instagram Video

With Instagram’s filters users are able to create fifteen second videos. Not only that, these videos can either be stop-motion or slow through. Once created, these videos can then be shared through Instagram and other social media platforms. This is well worth doing as it has been consistently shown that videos can receive up to 100% more engagement than purely text based posts. Furthermore, these videos can then be embedded into a blog or a website.

Instagram Tips: Utilise relevant hashtags

Instagram is one of a number of social media platforms which make use of hashtags. Users use them in order to find photos and images around a specific topic or category. Therefore, hashtags are an excellent means of helping potential and current customers to find your brand. In order to ensure the best returns on hashtags it is important to make use of ones which are appropriate to the image or photo.

Instagram Tips: Host a photo contest

This is an excellent way of quickly increasing your Instagram following. Select a hashtag of your choice, ones which are relevant to your products, services or brand are most effective. Once a hashtag has been selected, invite users to submit entries, via Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram Tips: Treat your Instagram like a social network

In order to be successful in any social network engagement is key. A good way to grow your network is by following those who follow you. Engagement can be increased by commenting on and liking other user’s images. In addition to increasing engagement, this process makes it more likely that other users of the platform will discover your business or company.

Instagram Tips: Show your personality through Instagram

One of the key aspects of social media is that it enables businesses and brands to show their personality, that they are human and not soulless corporations. Use Instagram to show pictures of your employees, your customers and provide behind the scenes information of the day to day operation of your business.