26 July 2017

Build Your Online Reach With These Top Tips

Build Your Online Reach

The power of collaboration

Working with influencers can greatly increase the reach of your post on social media but it can also vastly help your rankings on organic results too. The collaboration should be authentic in that you have both have something to gain from working together. The two areas that you should be keen on maximising is their audience and their credibility.

Leverage their audience

Working with the right influencers can dramatically expose your product or service to a wider audience that shares similar interests to your own. Suddenly you have a chance to scale quickly. Be careful to make sure that these so-called influencers have a motivated audience that regularly engages with them and responds to such sponsored content before agreeing any potential collaboration.

Leveraging their credibility

Building up credibility can take a long time. This may not be something you have the luxury of doing and as such teaming up with the right influencer can immediately address this by adding kudos to your brand. It’s vital that you marry up with the right person who represents your brand values and has some clout with your target audience.


If you are an expert in your field, or simply have lots of experience, then you have a real chance to maximise your expertise in order to reach more people. You may have heard of guest blogging or expert contribution which in the past was exploited for link building purposes. Whereas that strategy was targeting non-relevant sites with high domain authority, this is a white hat natural and powerful strategy. It will only work if you really have something to offer on a subject that people would be interested to hear about. If so, then you could contact publishers that are in your niche that take contributions from experts. A top tip to find such opportunities easily would be to do a series of advanced searches in Google. Below are some examples:

  • keyword “contribute”
  • keyword “guest post”
  • keyword “guest blog”
  • keyword “guest posting”
  • keyword “guest blogging”
  • keyword “submit post”
  • keyword “write for us”
  • keyword “submit an article”
  • keyword “submit article”
  • keyword “contribute”

Once you find a suitable taker then contact them with a piece of content. If you manage to get accepted you will now have access to a large audience and if good enough you may well become a regular contributor and in time a though leader for your brand.

Social Media

It’s important that whichever social platform you decide to use (and there may well be more than one) that you create and deliver content that is correct for that platform. Each platform has its own personality and by catering to these particular nuances will help you increase engagement and reach for your marketing efforts.

Listen and respond

Social media is not a set and forget platform. You can’t just schedule a series of post, send then out and expect sales. It takes real listening and responding to customer comments, complaints and compliments. Use social monitoring tools to help flag up any relevant conversations that may be going on that you could contribute to. Contributing to conversations in real time can keep you in the forefront of potential customers who may mention you later to friends and colleagues.


All in all, the better your content the more chance you have of people sharing it. There are no short cuts to this – relying on pockets of ignorance will only get you so far. However, producing great content on its own will not work either. You must find a vehicle to help promote it, get ignited, in order for it to have a chance of being read and shared.