Google April Fools Day 2013: All Fools Day

Google April Fools Day 2013 Over the years of Google’s activity April Fools’ Day has become an international holiday for the search engine. Google’s employees deliver year upon year, more and more extensive and elaborate pranks to the entertainment and bewilderment of the general public. Google April Fools Day 2013 was no exception and they […]

Googles New Terms of Service: Facebook Style

Googles New Terms of Service On Friday October 11th all users who were signed into a Google account received a banner message from the search engine about Googles New Terms of Service and the changes that have been made. Observers have claimed that this change of service was clearing the way for “Facebook style” advertising. […]

Google In Depth Stories: Broader Search Now Available

Google In Depth Stories During August 2013 Google released a new feature in the form of Google In Depth Stories. This feature aims to make it easier for the search engine user’s to find articles which are relevant whilst also providing depth on a range of broad topics. The product manager, Jake Hubert revealed to […]

PageRank for Eco Systems by Using Google Algorithm

PageRank for Eco Systems In 2009, researchers discovered a new use for the Google algorithm: to determine which species are critical in order to sustain various ecosystems by using PageRank for Eco Systems. The discovery was made by a paper which was published in PLoS Computational Biology. The paper claimed that the PageRank feature used […]

Google City Experts: Google Launches New Product

Google City Experts Google announced the Google City Experts program on August 6th 2013. The scheme is in essence a new city guide which invites users of Google Plus to post reviews of local business, restaurants and sites. Experts believe this measure is an attempt by the search engine to pull users away from Foursquare […]

Google Inactive Account Manager: Posthumous Services

Google Inactive Account Manager Google provides users with management options for their Gmail and YouTube account after death with their Google Inactive Account Manager service. In the event of your death it is likely that you will make efforts to meet the occasion fully prepared. Traditionally this has been done in a variety of ways, […]

Google Glass: The Lowdown on the Google Glasses

Google Glass When Google publically unveiled its plans for Google Glass, the technological world was instantly split into two camps. One camp was for the new technology, citing the technology as a step towards a sci-fi future. The other camp was adamantly opposed to the revelation, fearing that Google would merely use the new activity […]

Google April Fools Day Jokes: The Best of 2011 and 2012

Google April Fools The Google team have become known for their Google April Fools Day jokes. Year on year the search engine improves the calibre of the pranks it deploys on the public. However the years of 2011 and 2012 saw the level of the jokes take on a far more professional dimension. Google April […]

What is a Google? – To Google or Not to Googol

What is a Google? We all know Google, the search engine. Its name has become synonymous with searching for information on the Internet. It has even been adopted as a stand-alone verb. We no longer flinch or wonder what a person means when they say “let me google this”. Often these words escape our own […]

Frames: Google and Frames – Search Engine Optimisation

Frames Once upon a time, in the World Wide Web’s infancy many websites were designed with frames. These were used on the internet before Google was even thought of. Quite recently, we were asked by a potential client about Google and frames, and whether or not they should be implemented. I know, crazy err, it […]