Vine: One of TIME’s list of 50 Best Android Apps

VineVideo is an engaging and exciting medium, capable of getting everyone hooked on your creations in no time. Thanks to mobile application Vine, everyone now has the required software to produce short clips to entertain their viewers with videos from their everyday life or to promote products and services.

Founded in June 2012 by Dom Hofmann, Colin Kroll and Rus Tusupov, Vine only had a few months on the market on its own until one of the social media giants leapt at the chance of adding it to its portfolio. Microblogging website Twitter is the perfect fit for Vine, as Twitter users can now add another dimension to their short text posts on the network.

Vine allows its users to create 6.5 second clips and publish them online without editing. While not being able to tweak the final result too much may sound like a daunting task, the app has a time lapse function. This makes it easier to film the parts you are interested in and leave out any unnecessary transitions and behind the scenes moments.

Filming no longer requires expensive training or equipment. You only need to hold your finger on Vine’s screen camera when you wish to film, even intermittently, until the timer runs out. Its connection to Twitter makes it that much easier to share what you’ve created, allowing your social media friends or followers a much better glimpse into your daily activities than ever before. It’s no wonder Vine became a huge hit very quickly – its users captured over 100,000 videos in the weekend after its release. The app is now available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Vine Dunkin-DonutsWith so many people adopting Vine into their online routines and many others appreciating its content even though they’re not yet filming themselves, getting well acquainted with the app is great for advertising. Many brands have already started incorporating the app into their social media strategy, and Dunkin Donuts is even using the software to create a more exciting billboard to promote their brand on ESPN.

Experimenting with Vine is the best way to find your voice on this new platform and to create content that suits your audience and gets you the attention of your potential customers. While 6 seconds of video may not sound like much, it gives businesses the opportunity to publicise their highlights to the millions of social network users who may or may not click on a link to a lengthy video.

People’s short attention spans when it comes to online clips are a subject that regularly makes headlines, so a 6 second time limit is a welcome development. We believe opening your mind to Vine will definitely help reach new audiences and raise brand awareness among a community you wouldn’t have reached before.

With great ideas, careful planning, and a keen eye for detail, you will not feel constrained by the time limit. It will in fact allow you to view your business and services from a different perspective and discover new ways of presenting your company to potential customers.

Vine has already been used for a variety of purposes including journalism and music promotions, and it’s quickly gathering momentum. The app has been featured on TIME’s list of 50 Best Android Apps this year, and it can count many celebrities among its users. Now is the perfect time to play around with its features until you discover a style that suits you. Using Vine will open the door to a previously very expensive and specialised marketing field and make the creative process more accessible. Show your customers what you’re truly capable of!