20 November 2013

Twitters Big Investor: Who is the Mystery Man?

Twitters Big Investor

Twitters Big Investor Stock Exchange

Little is known about Suhail Rizvi, Twitters big investor. However it is thought that his support has been fundamentally in attracting other investors to the social media platform. So far Rizvi’s and his client’s investments into the company have amassed to an excess of $1 billion. Despite this, very little is known about Rizvi.

Twitters Big Investor IPO

Suhail Rizvi is the founder of the New York private equity company Rizvi Traverse Management. He is also set to receive the biggest return on Twitter’s future initial public offering (IPO).

Despite the secrecy which surrounds enigmatic Suhail Rizvi, here are six interesting known facts about Twitters big investor:-

His Client List Features Big Names

Those who currently choose to invest with Rizvi, according to the Daily Telegraph, include the British billionaire Richard Branson founder of the Virgin enterprise. Another known investor is Jeffrey Skoll, the former eBay executive and film producer. However it is unknown as to whether these two individuals are among the list of those which has brought with him to invest in Twitter.

His Neighbours Include Bill Gates And Michael Bloomberg

Rizvi is known to own two of the most desirable properties on the planet, a three home compound which is situated in Greenwich, Connecticut. His second known property, a 1.65 acre Palm Beach, Florida estate. Other people known to live in this area of Palm Beach include Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg. Rizva was initially born in India but moved with his family to the town of Iowa Falls when he was five.

Rizva Got Into Twitter Through The Former Google Executive Chris Sacca

Google Executive, Sacca approached Rizva in late 2010 with the following offer: Sacca’s friend, Evan Williams, announced he was stepping down as Twitter’s CEO, in addition he was seeking to sell 10 per cent of the social media platform. Rizvi jumped at the opportunity and bought Williams’s shares for a total of $340 million.

Rizva Has No Wikipedia Page, Doesn’t Tweet And There Is Only A Few Pictures Of Him On The Internet

Rizva guards his secrecy to the point of employing someone to specifically remove any of his Wikipedia pages which appear and also to take down pictures of him on the internet. The only ‘vetted’ picture of Rizva on the internet shows him sat with Twitter CEO Dick Costello in the reception of a New York hotel after Rizva had purchased the Twitter shares.

His First Business Outing Was A Telecom Company

Rizva used the revenue gained from selling this concern to finance his first big buyout. The buyout occurred in 1995, the company in question was an electric component manufacturer for a Puerto Rican phone company. The buyout involved refocusing the company in order to produce and manufacture higher cost equipment. Over the subsequent four years Rizva dramatically increased the company’s annual revenue from $10 million to $450 million.

He Had High Levels Of Success In Hollywood

Before his financial ambition turned to the internet, much of Rizva’s financial activity focused in Hollywood. His activities included providing assistance to Hugh Hefner when Playboy became a private company. Additionally he purchased and later sold the film studio responsible for producing the Twilight series.

Twitters Big Investor Success