16 January 2014

Twitter Retweet Tips: Gain More Retweets

Twitter Retweet Tips

Twitter Retweet Tips

Gaining retweets on Twitter is an excellent way of organically increasing the traffic to your blog, video or homepage. Retweets also provide you with greater exposure, as your content then appears in other people’s streams. This is an excellent way of attracting new followers. However gaining retweets can prove difficult. Below are a selection of Twitter Retweet Tips and tricks to help you gain more exposure on the social media platform.

  • Make your tweet content eye-catching and interesting

  • Simply ask for retweets

It has been shown that asking for retweets actually increases the chances of your content being retweeted. According to the infographic “the art of getting retweets”, users who ask for retweets are more likely to gain them. Users who included “Please Retweet” gained a 51% retweet rate. Whereas users who included “Please RT” gained a 39% retweet rate. One of the most simpliest Twitter retweet tips we can give you but statistics show by sometimes just asking you are more likely to receive!

  • Make your tweets short

Ensure you leave 25 characters at the end of your tweet free is a one of our key Twitter Retweet Tips. This is in order to provide enough space required to contain the RT and @username required for a retweet. Shorter tweets also gain a higher rate than longer tweets.

  • Ensure you blog posts have eye-catching titles

  • Be grateful to people who retweet your tweets

Don’t thank them all together in one tweet. Each follower who took the time to retweet your tweet deserves to have your complete attention and gratitude. Doing this makes your followers feel valued and inadvertently increases the chances of them retweeting your content in future. This is one of our more time consuming Twitter retweet tips but it works effectively, you will be surprised what can be generated by thanking someone who has taken the time to retweet you.

  • Place call-to-action buttons on your blogs

This makes it easier for your followers to share your content. If you use WordPress you can download and make use of the smart sharing plugin which Mashable uses.

  • Use hashtags effectively

  • Resend your tweets several times throughout the week

This can be done easily and effectively by making use of apps such as Hootsuite and These apps enable you to schedule your tweets.

  • Find other Twitter users in your specific field

When you find these users, create a specific column on TweetDeck with their @username. Check to see who has retweeted their content. Then follow these individuals yourself. If you are lucky they will in turn follow you back. However, if they don’t, you can try replying to some of their tweets and retweeting their content. Using you can identify who don’t follow you back.

  • Retweet some of your followers content

Doing this will encourage some of them to return the favour. However you cannot use this technique and expect everyone to return the favour.

  • Be a good Twitter user

Finally, the last of our Twitter Retweets Tips involves being social, actively engaging with your followers, and building meaningful relationships. If you do this, your retweet rate will drastically increase naturally.