12 February 2014

Simple Twitter Business Tips: 7 Simple Tips to Expand your Business

Simple Twitter Business Tips: 7 Tips

simple Twitter business tips

Simply put, if you are not using Twitter as part of your online marketing, you are missing out. The social media platform provides massive promotional potential, 140 characters at a time. Unfortunately, the platform is often misunderstood. At times it can frustrate and even alienate users who are not used to writing in a short and snappy format. The truth of the matter is that Twitter provides an excellent medium to expand your business with. The platform is also a fantastic way of staying relevant as it provides quick access to industry news and information so we have put together 7 simple Twitter business tips to make the learning curve easier.

However, success of Twitter depends on the attitude your business takes to the platform. Ensure that you utilise the following simple Twitter business tips in your activity on the platform and you are sure to succeed.

Seek and follow

Twitter provides the perfect forum to engage and connect with customers and other businesses. However, you need to first find these individuals. Third party sites such as Twellow enable you to target your search. Alternatively, you can use the “Who to follow” section on the platform.


Once you have begun to follow hundreds or even thousands of people on the platform, the tempo increases. Due to this, it is easy to miss important updates or breaking news. In order to avoid this, it is important to be organised. The best way to do this is to organise those you follow into lists. This ensures that you can gain easy access to the content which is most relevant.

Get Discovered

In order to be successful on Twitter, you need to be widely discovered. One of the most important simple Twitter business tips we can give you is to use hashtags (#). Using hashtags enables your tweets to be found by a wider audience. This is because users can search hashtags as a way to access content about a specific subject.


Your followers will most likely be looking for new information surrounding your industry. If and when you find something from an external source, be sure to share it with your following. When you write an excellent blog, be sure to share it with a hyperlink. Don’t be afraid to show you are human! Share about your personal interests, even if you are a business. This makes it easier for followers to engage with you.

Interact with your following

Twitter is not the place to be shy! Once you are following the right people, be sure to engage and interact with them. People can be dismissive of accounts which provide endless self-promotion. Due to this, it is important to reach out and connect with others.

Expand your knowledge

Make use of the wide variety of industry resources and knowledge available through Twitter. Take the time to explore and discover new websites and blogs. There is a good chance you may learn something!

Chat with others

Twitter uses several forms of chat to communicate with others. These measures often centre on using the same hashtag in your interactions. This is a great way to meet people who share the same interests within your specific industry.

We hope you have enjoyed our simple Twitter business tips article and feel free to tweet us anytime!