Timpson | The Ever Growing Family Business

The familiar, popular high street store that started in Manchester in 1865 is still primarily a show repair business. They now have over 900 stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland with an ever growing internet presence and online store. Not only the household name for shoe repairs, Timpson also offer key cutting, engraving, jewellery and watch repairs, sign creation as well as retailing shoe care products.

Founded by William Timpson and his brother in law Walter Joyce, they quickly expanded into shoe manufacturing in 1884 and repairs in 1903. Then in the early 1960s, John Timpson returned from his post-graduate management training scheme to join the family owned business, becoming a director and responsible for buying in 1970. After many years of restructuring, floating on the stock exchange and various investments, Timpson is now once again a private business owned by John Timpson and his family.

What sets Timpson apart from other large businesses is their management team and their distinctive approach towards business. A large amount of autonomy is given to the small teams working in each of the individual stores with the CEO and Managing Director personally visiting shops across the country on a regular basis.

SEO Web Marketing became involved with Timpson to help build their web presence, help with their search engine optimisation and their website diagnostics. Even the most well known brands need to have a website that functions properly!

We started work by running a full website diagnostics test on the site, reporting on any errors and problems that were impeding their site’s performance. Once the report was complete, we worked with Timpson’s web department to help implement the changes required.

Once the website diagnostics were complete we could then start to work on their site’s search engine optimisation, putting a strategy in to place to ensure that any work done on the Timpson website would be to help with results in the long term. This project was undertaken alongside Timpson’s web team to ensure that any work implemented could be continued in the future.

It’s not enough to rely on your brand name to keep bringing visitors to your site and keep them there once they arrive. It’s even more crucial for this kind of business to ensure that their website works as a visitor would expect it to as your website acts as another shop front. That’s why we love to help businesses of all sizes as there is as much of a job to do for the one man band as there is for a nationwide, household name.