Website Diagnostics

Website DiagnosticsDespite having a website that looks fantastic on the page, many companies do not realise that their site could benefit from being tailored more specifically to the way that Google and the other major search engines work. The majority of websites would benefit massively from being tweaked slightly so that they will perform better in Google’s SERPs.

Search engines work using complex mathematical algorithms and sometimes they can ignore a website because it simply does not comply with these formulas. Our Website Diagnostics service will identify areas where your site can be adjusted to perform better in search engine rankings.

Website Diagnostics: A Thorough Service Of Your Site

SEO Web Marketing offer a range of Website Diagnostic services from a basic duplicate content check through to a comprehensive review of your entire website.

Our Website Diagnostic service runs a thorough check of your site identifying any issues that may be present. These are factors that website designers are not aware of when designing and building sites. That’s why SEO experts are required. We run a thorough check of your whole site, identifying the obstacles that will restrict how well your website performs.

Our Google Expert will analyse all of these aspects of your website before giving you a detailed and easy to understand report of the changes that are needed to optimise the performance of your website.

The Website Diagnostic report will explain each area to focus your attention on, prioritising the major issues, with recommendations on how to fix or move forward to improve your site for the future. We are committed to supporting our customers throughout our working relationship and are happy to work alongside your own in-house web-design team to ensure that the adjustments are made.

It’s important for businesses to have a website, but to have a website that has fundamental errors that will prevent its performance on search engines means that it will be hard for your potential customers to find you.

The Web Diagnostic Report is priced at £475 and can be ordered using the form below. Once purchased and your payment is received, we will run your web diagnostics and email the full report through to you within five working days.

To order a Web Diagnostic Report for your website please complete the form below, making sure to enter your full website address in the message box. Please also leave a daytime contact number should we need to contact you for any reason.