12 December 2013

Benefits Of Monitoring Social Engagement On Google Plus: What Are They

What Are The Benefits Of Monitoring Social Engagement On Google Plus?

Benefits Of Monitoring Social Engagement On Google Plus

One of the lesser known features of Google Plus is that it allows its users to monitor the levels of social engagement on any given web article. This includes your own blogs posts and content but also those of your competitors. This feature provides greater depth and scope than is available on other social media platforms. Through Google Plus it is extremely easy to monitor engagement with your content and the content of others. There are many benefits of monitoring social engagement on Google Plus. Areas where this can be achieved include:

  • Who shares the content.
  • Who then reshares their share.
  • Who gives this content a +1.
  • Who comments on these shares and reshares.
  • Who the key influencers are.

How do you track social engagement on Google Plus?

Tracking social engagement on Google Plus is easier than you would think and the many benefits of monitoring social engagement on Google Plus by doing this will enhance your marketing on the platform. In order to track the social engagement of an article simply place the URL for the article into the Google Plus search box. The results from this search will be every Google Plus post which contained this link. Each item contains a collection of profile pictures in the bottom right hand corner. By clicking on this you will be able to view all of the activity which occurred on this post. You will be able to view who has commented, who has shared and also who has +1ed this content.

In addition, you are also able to view each unique comment which has been made on the post. If there are a lot of comments on a post you can opt to click the “Show Comments” option. This will then show what people have been saying and the discussion surrounding the comment. You are then able to join that conversation yourself.  However, if the comment or discussion occurred in a Community you are not a member of, you must join the Community before you are able to comment.

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Benefits of monitoring social engagement

In order to take full advantage of this feature it will take a little more time than simply counting the number of shares which a post receives. Despite this there are a number of benefits, which include:

  • It provides an excellent picture of who is sharing and then resharing a piece of content.
  • You are able to easily see who the key influencers on a piece of content are by seeing the level of engagement on the content.
  • You are then able to Circle and then follow the key influencers and people who have actively engaged with your content.
  • You are easily able find the communities where the content is being shared and discussed.
  • You can see the discussions circulating around the piece of content which you are interested in.
  • You are able to identify the key relationships and networks.
  • You can engage with others in the discussion of the post or article.