Google Marketing: A Gold Mine For Business

Google marketing is a huge asset to any promotional efforts and a friend to any business that would like their services and products to be recognised far and wide. 

Google SEO

Google MarketingAn important part of Google marketing is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It has been at the forefront of online marketing for years, and it’s crucial to understand why it works and how it can help promote your business. SEO is a process that helps your website rank higher in searches. It’s common knowledge that most Internet users don’t read past the first page of search results. Having a good page ranking can make the difference between a hugely successful business and feeling left out.

The most important aspect of Google SEO is the choice of keywords to optimise for. By making your webpage stand out for certain searches you can make sure search engines display your link as a better match than your competitors, thus sending more traffic and more potential customers over to you. It’s generally accepted that best results come from more niche or highly specific keywords or key phrases, as the number of websites online nowadays makes it hugely difficult to optimise for very short or common keywords.

Google PPC AdWords

Google also offers sound and effective advertising services. Google PPC AdWords is one such service based on keywords for your business. When choosing to advertise with Google marketing AdWords, business owners get to put together their own advert, thus including the most relevant keywords or information in the text. Your advert will be displayed as a sponsored ad right next to Google’s own search results for your particular keywords. This is an easy way to ensure that your business and products are promoted to a group of people who already have an interest in your market.

Google AdWords works on a pay per click (PPC) basis, so you only have to pay Google for displaying your advert when a potential customer clicks on it. When setting up your future advert, Google allows you to select a limit for the amount of money you wish to be charged per day, as well as to decide on an upper limit for the cost of one click. Before deciding to go through with your AdWords submission, you have the option to browse through their cost estimates. These are often organised for keywords so you can get a better idea of how much advertising with Google could cost you.

Google Places

Google Marketing: Google PlacesAnother way to make your business more visible with Google marketing is to take advantage of their local search offerings. Studies have shown that 97% of consumers search for a local business or service online. By setting your business up with a Google Places entry you can make Google Maps your friend and most trusted advertiser.

Google Places is a free service for business owners which gives you the opportunity to create an entry that will then show up in local search results in your relevant field. On top of promoting the business’ name and address, Places also allows users to share, review and rate a service or product, thus making sure your customers can express their satisfaction and make recommendations both to their friends and to complete strangers that could be future loyal customers.

There are heaps of Google marketing tools that will work wonders getting the name of your business out there. Investing some time in exploring the possibilities and working out your budget will definitely pay off, especially considering that significant platforms like Places are actually free of charge.